Best Place to Buy Used Maternity Clothes — Plus Style Tips!  

Who says moms are not stylish? Because we know they are. Expecting moms can indulge their passion for fashion without having to break the bank! At Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona, there is an endless assortment of designer and unique clothing pieces to peruse.

Whether you are looking for affordable designer maternity wear or are searching for a more comfortable fit, Goodwill is the best place to buy your next favorite outfit.

Quality and Comfort

A thrift store with a name you can trust, in which you will only discover clothing and other items at exceptionally low prices. Why spend an arm and a leg on maternity clothes you will only be able to wear for a few months? Especially if you are not planning on having another child, paying high prices for maternity clothes does not make sense.

At Goodwill, our wide range of used maternity wear gives you access to everything you need. The designated maternity section in our stores is home to maternity shirts, dresses, pants, and so much more.  We are here to help you look and feel your best while you wait for your bundle of joy.

Venture Outside of the Maternity Section

Are maternity clothes not your style? Fear not! Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona is home to plenty of departments, giving you a diverse catalog of style options and sizes. Simply size up, and every department is yours!

You can set your sights on all the store has to offer. For example, you can take an oversized flannel from the men’s section, a camisole from women’s and pair it with some spandex shorts you found in the maternity section. Or class it up by hitting the town in a semi-formal outfit: grab an oversized pastel-colored sweater, some low-rise white bottoms and neutral flats. Voilà, you are ready for a night out!

Beat the Heat While Being Chic

Prepare for the heat in style by browsing the abundant selection at your nearest Goodwill. Explore popular styles such as biker shorts, and discover unique vintage and designer bottoms that flatter any body type. There are plenty of jeans, skirts, shorts and overalls to be seen.

Get funky with your pants and experiment with fun summer colors. Then, choose a light neutral color for your shirt and shoes. A comfortable T-shirt or tank top goes great with this look!

To elevate the look, you can tuck the front of your shirt in and add a coordinating belt. Feel free to throw on a pair of sunglasses as well — we have plenty to choose from.

Say Yes to a Summer Dress

Whether you are looking for flowy dresses for a nice summer walk or a long sundress to sit for a picnic, we have an affordable selection to choose from. No matter the occasion, a dress can be the perfect and most comfortable staple piece. The best part? It is an outfit all in one piece. There is a great dress for every occasion.

You can wear your dress as is, or you can layer it. From button-up shirts to cardigans, the ways to creatively layer a dress are seemingly endless. Try a bodycon dress with an oversized jacket or coat, or go casual with a t-shirt dress and zip-up hoodie — Converse or Vans optional.

Never Accidentally Match With a Stranger Again

With fast fashion stores, they sell a bunch of the same clothing items. You are also likely to see the same style in every store you visit that follows the latest trends. With only a limited catalog, you are bound to run into someone with the same outfit. However, at Goodwill, there are plenty of trends and eras to browse for incredible prices. Avoid getting caught in the chaos of micro-seasons and select quality clothing that you love and that will last.

You can take it a step further and showcase your uniqueness and creativity by customizing your clothes. Paint or distress your own denim. Turn a pair of sneakers into a museum-worthy masterpiece. Turn your clothes into a canvas for your next fashion experiment. There are no wrong choices, just affordable prices.

You Paid What for Designer?

Besides receiving access to an endless variety of brand names, Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona often carries luxury and designer items. Never pay full price for a designer item again. You can find different clothes, shoes, accessories or outerwear with an assortment of luxury names.

Once you find a designer item you love, you can pick a few different outfits to showcase your style skills. If you bought a bag, you can, for example, choose:

  • A dress, necklace and hat;
  • “Mom jeans,” a band T-shirt and plain tennis shoes;
  • An oversized flannel, regular leggings, a tank top and sunglasses.

Regardless of the items you choose, there is no shortage of ways to mix and match your luxury finds.

Never Be Too Shy to Accessorize

Accessories can take any of your outfits to the next level. Jewelry, scarves, belts and whatever else you think of can make your outfit pop. You can change the entire outfit by adding a headband or hat, bracelets or a bag.

Subtle additions can be the distinguishing factor when using the same staple pieces. For example, when wearing jeans and a t-shirt, deciding to add a cowboy hat or a baseball cap can set very different tones. Any additional customization further personalizes your entire outfit, extending your wardrobe.

Shop for More Than Just Mom Jeans

Gone are the days where expecting moms have to sacrifice money and style for the duration of their pregnancies. Moms-to-be can build up their closets with all kinds of different styles to choose from. Fashion looks, such as oversized tops, can be worn in various sizes and flatter changing bodies. Excellent quality accessories will stand the test of time, as you will likely find some amazing items to bring the past into the present. Who says used maternity clothes cannot be fashionable?

Once you have an idea about the look you want, you can browse tips on thrifting. Even if you have no idea what you are searching for, your next outfit awaits you. You can find your nearest Goodwill location and start the shopping trip of your dreams.

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