Going Green Never Looked So Goodwill.

Going Green Never Looked So Goodwill

There’s nothing more Earth Day than Goodwill. This April, we’re highlighting all the ways we’re committed to a greener planet, as well as ways you can help us combat pollution and wastefulness. Hint: it starts with donating and shopping Goodwill!

Help Unclog Our Landfills: Donate!

Have some unwanted clothes after spring cleaning? Maybe some unused furniture you’re trying to get rid of? Before you haul everything off to the dump, think about this: Each U.S. citizen generates roughly 1,700 pounds of waste annually. Just 5 years ago in 2018, the United States generated 300,000,000 tons of waste. That’s 1,000,000x the weight of the Empire State Building.

Needless to say, that’s a HUGE problem, but that’s where Goodwill comes in. Donating your unwanted clothes, housewares, and furniture to Goodwill allows us to divert 50 million pounds of waste from clogging Arizona landfills every year – keeping our planet green. 

Fight Fast Fashion Waste: Shop Goodwill.

Around 85% of all textiles are thrown away in the U.S., and by 2030, we are expected to be discarding more than 134 million tons of textiles a year. On top of all that, only 13.6% of thrown-away clothes and shoes end up getting recycled. Sounds pretty bad, right? Don’t worry, this is our specialty.

You can help us raise the number of recycled clothes by shopping Goodwill for thrifted fashion.

Get Social! #AreYouWearingGoodwill

Join us in showing your commitment to the environment and share your green thrifted finds with us. Tag @goodwillaz in your posts!

Exciting Events this Week!

Amazing things are always happening at Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona! Whether you are looking for a daily special or want to participate in one of our job training events, we have something for you.

*Daily deals are valid at select Metro Phoenix, Prescott, and Yuma locations. Please check with your neighborhood Goodwill for details. Dollar Day pricing adjustment goes into effect on Jan. 5, 2023.

Discount valid on used merchandise only. Not valid on food or drink, new goods, seasonal or holiday items. Not valid at Goodwill Clearance Center.