Vehicle Donations

Give someone wings with a new set of wheels.

Donate your car and give someone a lift. Got an old clunker and don’t want to hassle with selling it? Drop it off at Goodwill and walk away with a nice tax deduction. In addition to cars, we also accept trucks, vans, RVs, boats, and even airplanes. The best part is, your donation will fund training programs that help out-of-work people in the community land jobs. If you have a vehicle to donate, call us at 602.513.8413. We’ll walk you through the process and let you know where to drop it off. It’s that easy. NOTE: The Internal Revenue Service recently released two publications on car donations, addressing what individuals and charities need to know when giving or receiving donated vehicles. Publication 4302, A Charity’s Guide to Car Donations (PDF), addresses issues that charities should know when operating a car donation program. Publication 4303, A Donor ‘s Guide to Car Donations (PDF), targets individuals who decide to hand over their cars. Read more. The publications were released less than a week after the U.S. Senate Finance Committee held a hearing on the governance of nonprofit entities, during which testimony was given on how an auto auction operates.


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