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Goodwill Career CenterGoodwill of Central Arizona Puts People to Work!

Shopping at Goodwill is a great way to score great bargains and deals, and also when you donate to Goodwill you’re helping the local community. Just how does donating to Goodwill help the community, you may ask? At Goodwill of Central Arizona our mission is to Put People to Work. Purchases and donations help support job training and employee placement services at Goodwill Career Centers. In 2012, Goodwill served nearly 42,000 job seekers.

If you’re a job seeker in need of assistance finding a job or updating your skills, we encourage you to visit a Goodwill Career Center. Goodwill Career Centers are open to the public, and Career Center Educators are on-site to help by providing resources and training to help you find a job. Additionally, you’ll find the resources needed to find a job, such as computers, printers, Internet access, telephones, and fax machines – available completely free of charge. Be sure to also check-out Goodwill’s upcoming job fairs here.

To get started finding your new job, locate your nearest Goodwill Career Center, or call (602) 535-4416 to speak with a Career Center Educator.



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Goodwill puts people to work every day. We have 22 career centers throughout Arizona. READ MORE