Spring Cleaning in Seven Simple Steps

More than 70 percent of Americans engage in the annual tradition of spring cleaning. There’s a lot of satisfaction that comes from getting a fresh start. For most people, though, the pleasure comes only after the work is finished. Your spring cleaning may not be effortless, but you can make the project more manageable—and even more enjoyable—by following the seven simple steps outlined below. The key is to just tackle one part of your house per day.

Once you’ve weeded out all your stuff, donate it to Goodwill where it will be put to good use. We collect items you no longer need and put the revenues from their sales toward job training programs at our 22 career centers in Arizona. Last year, we gave 44,000 Arizonans a fresh start, thanks to new jobs.

Day 1:

Clean out your closet. Remove any clothing and accessories you no longer wear. If it’s been a year since you’ve worn something, you probably don’t need it!

Day 2:

Get cooking. Go through your kitchen cabinets and find things you don’t use. Kitchenware items and household goods can be donated!

Day 3:

Find your holiday stuff a new ho-ho-home. That snowman candy dish with blinking lights you haven’t displayed since the 80s? Let it brighten someone else’s life. Sort through all your seasonal décor and donate what you no longer use.

Day 4:

Tackle your tech. All those tech toys, used computers and computer accessories lying around the house need a new home. Working e-readers, tablets and electronic items always make good donations.

Day 5:

Get to work in the office. Weed out home office supplies you no longer need, such as binders, notebooks, backpacks, briefcases and desk accessories.

Day 6:

Entertain this idea. Investigate the areas in your home where you enjoy rest and relaxation. Have video games, DVDs or CDs you’ll never watch or listen to again? Donate them all, and watch the credits roll!

Day 7:

The story ends here. Go through your bookshelf and donate all those paperback books you’ve accumulated. Without all that clutter weighing you down, you’ll be ready to start a whole new chapter.

By breaking down your spring cleaning into small, manageable tasks, you can turn drudgery into delight. And when you weed out and donate used items to Goodwill, you’re helping others find good jobs. To locate a donation center near you or to schedule a home pickup, visit http://www.goodwillaz.org/donate-your-things/.

Spring Cleaning in Seven Simple Steps

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