5 Signs You’re Ready to Repurpose Old Clothes

If you’re having a hard time going through your closet to find things to donate, there are some simple signs that can help you determine if you’re ready to part ways. Beyond asking yourself if something gives you joy, we’ve compiled this list to help you clean out clothing items that no longer serve you.

1. You Haven’t Worn it in the Past Year

In one year, you’ve been through all the seasons. So, chances are if you haven’t found an opportunity to wear something, you probably won’t wear it in the next year.

2. A Month Goes By And You Don’t Think About It

A slow way to detach yourself from clothing is to put it in a bag or another room for a month. If you haven’t gone digging through to find something or found yourself thinking about an item, then you’re probably ready to donate it.

3. Your Style Has Changed

Have you noticed your style changing as you get older? It’s not uncommon to outgrow a style or clothing trend. Before you start cleaning out your clothing, clearly define what you want your style to be. Then, only keep clothes that match that style.

4. You Have More Than One Of Something

Some people like something so much, that they buy it in multiples! If this is you, ask yourself if you truly need more than one of a particular clothing item. If you properly care for your clothing, chances are one will do.

5. You Recently Added New Items to Your Closet

Adding a bunch of new items to your wardrobe is a great time to go through old stuff. Rather than just pushing old clothes to the back of your closet, ask yourself if it goes with the new items you purchased.

Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona is deeply rooted in the local community. By working as a catalyst for positive change, we offer 80+ community locations where your no-longer-needed items can be dropped off, which in turn give new life to clothing that would otherwise be thrown away.

Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona is grateful for the goodwill of our community, knowing Arizonans have a choice of where to bring their used clothing, household goods, and furniture. Without your generosity, we couldn’t do what we do.

If you have clothing you would like to donate, find a Goodwill location near you and stop by today.

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