Affordable and Fashionable Men’s Summer Outfit Ideas  

It may be time to update your wardrobe now that summer is around the corner. A few new pieces can help to keep you trendy and feeling comfortable in the hot weather. You don’t have to have a large budget to make that possible. The right items, including those picked up at your local Goodwill, could help you look fabulous and perfectly trendy. What are men’s summer outfits that you need to have in your wardrobe this year?

At Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona, we’ve come up with some outfit ideas that are affordable and trendy. Take a look at our outfit choices in the categories below.

Casual Trends

Casual is the biggest trend for the summer season. You want clothing that’s loose, comfortable, and cool in the hot weather. Casual may mean wearing a t-shirt that’s loose fitting. Choose one made of a thicker material that hangs properly on your body to help create a casual cool look. Aim for those that come down about mid-hip. You can also pair that with an 80’s style jean jacket or an open button down shirt. Yes, you can wear that Hawaiian shirt over the top, but keep it to parties and informal gatherings. Most importantly, don’t overdo it!

Full length of handsome young African man in casual wear adjusting sleeve and smiling while standing against grey background

Shorts are a must-have for many men during the summer months. This year, summer trends focus on two types – jeans and white shorts (as long as you can keep them clean and sharp). It’s all about the fit. Look for shorts that come down to just above the knee. You also want a slim fitting leg rather than a wider leg on them.

Full body size length of attractive bearded trendy stylish confident cheerful man, wearing denim and glasses, pointing with fingers aside, over bright violet purple background


On-trend men’s streetwear is the perfect look for just about anything, from an informal date night to hanging with friends. Streetwear for the 2022 summer season includes the perfect pair of jeans, with a comfortable but slim fit along the legs and a mid-rise waist. Men are also able to wear jeans with a wider leg. Don’t feel you have to stick with blue, though. Consider a stone-washed look or even black. With a white t-shirt, or a themed or logo t-shirt, you are sure to draw the looks.

horizontal portrait of a caucasian man standing on the top of his skateboard

When it comes to streetwear, don’t be afraid to show off your favorite brands. You don’t have to buy this year’s latest releases, though. It’s often best to look at pieces from the last few years. The good news is you’ll find a lot of these items at Goodwill. Just stop by and check out the latest brands. You may even find a few name brand sneakers that you can pick up for less.

Summer Themes for 2022

There are a lot of fantastic items to add to your wardrobe this year. Men’s trends are leaning more towards self expression each season, and this year is no different. Standing out and being yourself is also easier to do, especially when you mix and match your favorite looks. 

For men over 40, ditch the dad vibe and embrace fashion a bit more. From clothing that fits your body better to items that resonate with a pattern or theme you love, be you in your clothing. Here are some of the trends for men’s summer outfits this year.

patterned shirts, shorts and shoes laid out on blank background


Many designers are incorporating bigger and bolder patterns in men’s clothing. That includes patterned button-down shirts. For the summer months, you’ll see men wearing loose fitting and relaxed styles in men’s shirts like this, often with floral or geometric patterns. Keep those shirts open and untucked or button them halfway (many men’s shirts like this are now designed to be worn with two or more buttons undone.) If you see a look you love, grab it.

men's clothing laid out on blank background, pants, tops, belt, scarf, and shoes


When it comes to color, white is definitely the summer color of choice for many of today’s men’s styles in both shorts and tops. However, adding color to your looks for this season is easy to do. Look for darker, more alluring colors. Blues, greens, and even maroon are all out there as well.

There’s always something perfect about the right fitting color tee, too. Don’t be afraid to pick up a few in different colors to wear throughout the summer, with white being your staple to pair against those patterned shorts. A small logo or a graphic touch on these tees can make them that much better.

Flat lay of men casual fashion outfits on wooden background, Top view

Linen shirts

Linen shirts are not anything new, but they certainly are a must have for today’s well-dressed man. Look for those that offer a comfortable, loose fit. They don’t have to have long sleeves but look for those that have sleeves that come down about three quarters of the way. Solid or patterned, these are great in any color. You’ll find these were popular in the 2000’s, and there are likely a few at Goodwill to pick up.

Also, note that linen pants are in for men, too. For a formal event, a comfortable pair of linen pants are exactly what you need to create a stunning look, and it is so easy to pull off. You just need to pair it with the right shirt to create a fun look that is sure to impress.

man smiling wearing a polo shirt


Polos are always a must for a man’s wardrobe, and with good reason. For the summer, look for polos that have shorter sleeves. You can easily pair these with a pair of slacks or shorts for your perfect look. They also work well for any semi-formal occasion. Most important here is the fit. Keep it fitted at the shoulders and across the chest, with a looser bottom.

man smiling walking on a golf course


Every men’s wardrobe should have a pair of khakis in them. For 2022, you’ll find the look is a bit different. They tend to be higher waisted and more form fitting around the mid-section and legs. Paired with a big belt, they are a great way to dress up a look for an evening out.

Tips for Those Over 40

For men over 40, there is a lot to love about this year’s summer fashion trends. It’s easy to stay trendy and not look like you’re trying to hold onto those college years. Here are some tips:

  • Get the fit right. You may not have the six pack you once had, but that doesn’t mean a baggy shirt is the way to go. Instead, buy clothes that are a bit more fitting.
  • Add the accessories. That includes a watch, but also a bracelet or a chain. Don’t be afraid to pick up a few different sunglasses to complete your look this year, too.
  • Skip the cargo shorts. These may have lots of pockets, but they also scream that you’re an out-of-touch dad. Update your look with some of the shorts listed above.
  • Keep clothing crisp and clean. That white t-shirt works because it’s bright white and perfectly wrinkle free.
  • Keep sneakers simple and plain. White is a popular option for men of all ages this summer.

With the right clothing, you can feel comfortable every day this summer. Don’t be afraid to mix in colors and styles that you love. Remember, you can find just about everything on this list at Goodwill. That means you have no excuse not to make a few updates this year.

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