Best Outfits to Pack For a Last-Minute Labor Day Weekend Getaway  

Labor Day weekend is fast approaching, and now is the best time to squeeze in that last-minute, spontaneous summer getaway. Once you have decided on your destination, it’s time to start packing. For a long holiday weekend, you won’t want to pack a huge suitcase filled with a ton of clothing. Instead, opt for outfits that can easily mix-and-match with other pieces.

Here’s what to pack for your Labor Day weekend getaway this year:

Versatile Activewear

As people seek to find a destination where they can maintain a safe social distance from others this year, the need for versatile activewear while traveling has never been greater. Many travelers are opting for destinations that have plenty of room to roam, such as the U.S. National Parks or remote beaches.

Whether you are used to traveling to destinations that require plenty of exercise or you are new to adventure travel, you will want to pack plenty of activewear items in your Labor Day weekend bag. Some clothing items to consider include:

  • Leggings or Yoga Pants — Leggings or yoga pants pair well with just about any type of top, whether it’s a T-shirt, a tank top, or a sweatshirt. Not only are they comfortable and practical, but they also are stylish.
  • Athletic Shorts — Athletic shorts are cool, comfortable, and useful for hiking excursions, biking tours, and more. As an added bonus, these shorts do not take up much space in the suitcase.
  • Moisture-Wicking Shirts — If you plan to be out in the elements for long periods of time over Labor Day weekend, you will want to bring along a few moisture-wicking shirts. These will help keep you cool as you explore the trails.
  • Hats — Hats are an accessory that not only looks great but also serves a practical purpose. Hats can help protect your face and eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Comfortable Footwear — Comfortable footwear is key if you plan to spend any amount of time hiking, exploring, or traversing the rugged terrain.

Swimsuits and Beach Accessories

In an attempt to soak up the last few blissful moments of summer, you might be planning your final trip to the beach this season. Whether you are heading to the East Coast, the West Coast or the crystal blue waters of the Great Lakes, you will want to pack the right types of clothing items for the beach.

These are the clothing items you should have in your bag if you plan to spend most of your time in the surf and sand:

  • Swimsuits — If you plan to spend all of your time on the beach, then the best plan is to pack at least two or three swimsuits. Fortunately, swimsuits are not bulky and they will not take up much space in your bag. Depending on the type of activities that you enjoy on the beach, you might want to consider several different styles of swimsuits to ensure that you are always prepared and comfortable.
  • Cover-Ups — There’s nothing quite as relaxing as lounging in the sun, but the last thing you want to do on your final summer getaway is end up with a painful sunburn. Protect yourself by wearing a cover-up over your swimsuit when you are not in the water. There are many different cover-up styles available, allowing you to find one that matches your personal style.
  • Hats — From big, floppy sun hats to sporty baseball caps, hats can be the best accessory that you bring to the beach. Hats will help keep you cool as well as protect you from the sun as you enjoy your time on the beach with your friends or family members.
  • Sandals — Sandals pair perfectly with any beach outfits that you bring, and they will also keep you comfortable as you trek through the sand to your favorite spot along the surf.

Casual Summer Pieces

Regardless of the city you will be visiting or the type of vacation you want to enjoy over Labor Day weekend, you are likely going to need a few casual summer pieces to get you through the holiday.

Noting this, these are a few casual summer pieces that you may want to pack in your weekend bag:

  • Sundresses and Rompers — After a day spent hiking on the trails or an afternoon lounging in the sun, you will want to have something simple and comfortable to change into for your evening event. Sundresses and rompers are fun and flirty summer items that will allow you to look great, feel confident, and fully enjoy whatever your Labor Day weekend has in store.
  • T-shirts and Shorts — There’s nothing quite as essential to a summer wardrobe as T-shirts and shorts. These two simple clothing items will allow you to express your personal style while being completely comfortable on your getaway. Don’t be afraid to be fun and adventurous, as it’s easy to mix-and-match T-shirts and shorts to create a fashion statement.
  • Sweatshirts and Jeans — Even the warmest Labor Day weekend destinations can have cool nights or chilly mornings. If you are the type of person who likes to extend your trips from sunrise to sunset, then you will want to be prepared with sweatshirts and jeans.

Comfortable Evening Clothes

Not every Labor Day weekend getaway is full of outdoor activities and beachfront fun. For some, it’s better to head to a big city for cosmopolitan experiences. If you are planning to enjoy an extended weekend in the city, then make sure to pack some comfortable evening clothes that would be perfect for sightseeing or dining.

Here are a few pieces that you may need to create the perfect outfits for your Labor Day weekend:

  • Jumpers — Jumpers have been this summer’s go-to flexible outfit. You can throw on a one-piece jumper and spend your day visiting the museum or admiring the works at a local art gallery. Once your afternoon is complete, you don’t have to worry about heading back to the hotel in order to change before dinner. Your jumper will fit the bill for just about any restaurant that you select for your evening meal.
  • Cocktail Dresses — If your Labor Day weekend will be filled with glitz and glamour, then a cocktail dress is an absolute necessity. Find one that is versatile and that can easily be packed without being damaged. Sometimes opting for a gently used cocktail dress allows you to get a fresh look for an affordable price.
  • Button-Down Shirts and Dress Pants — Button-down shirts and dress pants are the ideal option for anyone who wants to look both stylish and professional throughout the entire day.

Spending your last official weekend of summer on an impulsive getaway doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. You can get great outfits for a fraction of the cost when you shop at a thrift store. At Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona, we have plenty of amazing summer pieces that will complete your Labor Day weekend wardrobe.

To start shopping for your end-of-summer getaway, visit a Goodwill location near you today.

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