High Demand Entry-Level Jobs in Arizona [Infographic]

Finding a company that is hiring can sometimes be easy to do. Finding a company that is hiring at an entry-level position and offers a strong career potential is a bit hard to do. It takes a lot more skill and a bit of insight into the Arizona job market. Let’s take a look at some of the key opportunities that may be available.

Projected Industry Growth in Arizona

The Arizona Department of Economic Security provides some insight into the type of jobs that are in high demand in the state. This can change from year-to-year, but there are some specific industries that continue to dominate when it comes to hiring.

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Which Industries Have the Largest Percentage of Growth?

From 2018 to 2020, the following industries saw the biggest growth.

  • Carpenter work – 15. 4 percent
  • Truck and tractor trailer operators – 13.2 percent
  • Statistician – 13.2 percent
  • Chemical equipment operator – 12.5 percent
  • Home health aide – 12.2 percent

The problem with these positions is the most take some college or professional training. That does not make them good options for entry-level positions.

Where Can You Find Entry Level Jobs in High Demand Here?

Some of the best jobs in Arizona are in growing industries. While a person may not secure the best paying position right out of the gate, they can get into an entry-level position and work their way up.

One of those areas includes construction. The construction industry is seeing some of the highest growth over the last few years in Arizona. That accounts for a percentage growth of 5. 8 percent. That includes the addition of as many as 18,888 jobs being added in 2019 and 2020.

This may include many entry-level positions. The highest paying and most demand fields in construction include:

  • Carpentry positions – 15.4 percent of growth projected
  • Masonry positions – 11.7 percent of growth projected
  • Iron and steel workers – 11.7 percent of growth projected

There are entry-level positions in each of these areas (though licensing and certification can ensure even more demand for some).

Health care is another one of the high demand fields in the area. While some positions require four-year degrees, many others offer associate degree, entry-level positions as well as no-degree positions. Many people in this industry start out in entry-level positions and advance as they complete their education.

Overall, healthcare has seen a significant spike in the number of available job openings. The field has had a growth of 3.7 percent. It is a large field, which means it opens the door to many opportunities within it. Some of the top positions include:

  • Home health aides – 12.2 percent of growth projected
  • Physician assistants – 10.7 percent of growth projected
  • Nursed practitioners – 10.5 percent of growth projected

While some of these positions require degrees, home health aides may not. Some locations offer on-the-job training or certificates. This may prove to be one of the best entry-level positions for some people.

Other Industries Hiring Entry-Level Workers

Other high demand jobs in Arizona are available. For those who have some skills or interests in these areas, this could be a good place to find an entry-level job:

  • Sales representatives (in a wide range of industries)
  • Truck drivers
  • Warehouse associates
  • Technicians for cable and internet
  • Managerial positions

Other Hot Industries Looking for Employees

If you are in school or thinking about improving your skillset, there are many other industries hiring in Arizona. Some of these positions require a higher degree or apprenticeships. However, these are opportunities that may be available to those who are looking to switch fields or individuals interested in a fresh start and educational path.

Some of the other fields that are growing quickly include:

  • Professional and technical services
  • Information technology
  • Social assistance workers
  • Finance workers
  • Insurance workers
  • Manufacturing position especially leadership
  • Warehousing and transportation industry workers

What Does an Entry-Level Job Require?

An entry-level job is open for those who may have completed a degree program but may not have any on-the-job experience. These positions may require some education and certificates depending on the field. However, not all entry-level jobs require a four-year degree. Some are available to those who complete limited training or a certificate. Every industry is a bit different, but entry-level jobs are often a starting point to creating a strong career path.

In-Demand Jobs in Arizona That Don’t Require a 4 Year Degree

Perhaps you are looking for a way in – a job you can do right now even if you do not have a degree. Which are the best entry-level jobs for those who may not have the flexibility of education? There are a few key jobs to consider in Arizona that are in high demand. This depends on where you live and what your skills and interests are. These are some of the top 15 industries not requiring more than a high school education and, in some cases, basic training or short-term courses:

  1. Police records officers and customs inspectors
  2. High school and grade school athletic coaches and assistants
  3. Gaming managers at casinos
  4. Power plant operators
  5. Licensing examiners
  6. Makeup artists
  7. Petroleum pump operators at refining plants or processing units
  8. Manufacturing workers
  9. Chemical plant operators
  10. Real estate sales agents
  11. Roofing and construction leaders
  12. Steelworkers
  13. Painters
  14. Foodservice managers
  15. Retail sales associates

There are many other entry-level positions that could be a good fit for you. Look at what interests you. Then, find out how to get a job in that field. Doing something you love makes the work to earn that position well worth it.

Should You take a Part-Time or Full-Time Entry Level Position?

One of the opportunities available to those who are hoping to switch degrees is to work part-time in a new field in an entry-level position. From there, you can gain insight and skills into the industry before taking more promising and advanced positions. You may also be able to obtain an education while working part-time in some fields.

There are many jobs hiring part-time workers. Because demand for positions may not always be high, you may be able to find part-time work while going to school. That may help you balance your career goals with current responsibilities and needs.

What’s the Best Path for You?

If you’re unsure where to start your education or how to find the best part-time job or full-time job for you in a high-demand degree, reach out for some help. At Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona, you can find some of the help and support you need to achieve your goals.  Our team can help to connect you with available positions but also help you to build core skills that may be beneficial to you in almost any industry you decide to work in for your next career.

If you are not at the point of having a degree or you are unsure where to get started when it comes to advancing your education, let our professionals offer insights. Reach out to our team today to learn more about how we can help you to find a better career path.

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