Jessi Russell: 5 Goodwill Shopping Tips for Finding Clothing You Love


Hey, everyone! I’m Jessi – a style blogger, stylist, and social media manager with a love for versatile, budget-friendly clothing. I recently stopped by my local Goodwill to stock up on some pieces for summer and walked away with a ton of finds. Here are my top five tips to help you and find clothing you’ll love and wear from Goodwill.

Come with a shopping list

It’s always good to keep an intentional shopping wishlist. (I keep mine in my Notes app on my phone!) Each time you’re standing in your closet and think something like, “I really wish I had a ______ or more ________,” add that item to the list. Shopping becomes simpler when you know exactly what you need. During this shopping trip, I had skirts and a new summer bag on my list, which made these pieces instant wins.

Look for brand names you admire

One of the best things about shopping at Goodwill is finding brand name clothing that may otherwise be out of budget. Keep an eye out for brand names known for style and quality. This oversize chambray button-up is by Tommy Hilfiger, and I scored it for $7.99.

Focus on colors and styles you love wearing

Some of the feedback I hear most from people about shopping at Goodwill is it can be “overwhelming.” And while, yes, there is a lot of merchandise in every store, the clothing is sorted by type and color. This makes it super easy to zero in on the pieces on your wishlist. If you never wear yellow, skip the yellow section! If you don’t need any more jeans, don’t even go near the denim. Focusing on what you are naturally drawn to is the easiest way to find clothing you love. One of my favorite colors is pink, and I wear dresses almost daily, so this dress immediately grabbed my attention.

Forget about size (sort of…)

You heard me. Don’t focus as much on the size label when shopping at Goodwill. Because you’re looking at a variety of brands, the sizing will not be consistent. I recommend instead looking for a piece that catches your eye, gauge how it looks on the hanger, and then try it on. But here’s the thing…notice I didn’t say, “Forget about fit.” Once you get an item into the dressing room, if the fit is way off, it’s a “no.” However, don’t forget to be creative too! I fell in love with a navy T-shirt dress that was a little baggy but looks perfect with a belt. You can also have things altered if you find an amazing item that’s a tad big.

Consider all the ways to wear a piece before purchasing

As noted above, I’m all about versatility no matter where I’m shopping. When I found a burgundy skirt and noticed it would pair well with several other Goodwill tops I picked out, I was sold. You can feel even better about purchases you know are going to give you a ton of value for the money.







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