Second Hand Gift Ideas For Everyone on Your List  

If you’re getting ready for the holidays, shopping for second-hand gifts can be the best move you ever made. Not only will you avoid getting people the mass-produced stuff that is usually forgotten just a month after the new year, but you’ll also save money in the process.

At Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona, the items we sell are packed with utility. From clothes to appliances, everything on our shelves and racks has plenty of life left in it. Having a thriftmas doesn’t mean you’re having a lesser holiday season though. In fact, it’s a smart way to get everything you want for a fraction of the usual price. Here are a few Christmas gift ideas to get you started.

For Kids

If you’re getting ready to shop for the younger demographic, whether they’re your children or not, Goodwill can be a treasure trove of everything they’re looking for.


Because kids grow out of clothes so quickly anyway, buying children’s clothes at Goodwill is a great way to provide them with plenty of options without breaking the bank. And while styles certainly change every year, there are still plenty of basics that kids will be excited about wearing after winter break.


Dolls, action figures, electronics: there are a number of toys that can light up any child’s life this holiday season. Buying second-hand items means giving an old toy a lot of new attention. (Plus, even if it’s not their go-to toy, at least no one will feel resentful about the cost of the item.)

Stocking Stuffers

Knick-knacks are perfect for stocking stuffers and often a child’s first introduction to hobbies. For instance, a small ceramic frog in a stocking could lead to a lifetime collection of the amphibian. There are plenty of small items on sale at Goodwill that can really fill out the large socks on the mantle.

For Families

If you’re buying gifts for families this year, you want to choose items that make sense in their home. No matter what size family they are or brand preferences they have, these gift ideas for thriftmas can be a home run.

Picture Frames

Picture frames add warmth and life to any residence. No matter who or what is inside the frame, it gives people the chance to show off what’s important to them. At Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona, you’ll find frames of every variety that can complement any decor. Feel free to take it to the next level by inserting a picture of your own for the recipient.


Busy households are going to experience some breakage every now and again. Bowls, cups, and glasses can’t last forever. Extra glassware may not be the most glamorous gift in the world, but it’s one that people will appreciate every time they hear a crash from the other room.


Some people cook because they love it. Others cook simply because it’s the most economical option. Either way, cookbooks give people the chance to explore different flavors and dishes, which can (at the very least) offer more variety to their diets. Who knows? It may just inspire someone to discover a cuisine they’re passionate about making.

Serving Platters

Most families are used to having people drop by. Having plenty of serving platters on hand makes entertaining easier, no matter who is at the door. From the kids’ friends to co-workers, you can find serving trays at Goodwill that can be loaded up with snacks and brought into the family room for an informal treat.

Wall Art

Art in the home can liven up any room and add a sense of personality to the walls. At Goodwill, you can find used gifts with words and graphics that will fit with the family you had in mind. From seasonal prints to words of wisdom, these items can make homes unique and add a little more warmth at every turn.

Puzzles/Board Games

People might be hesitant to purchase these items second hand because they’re worried that all the pieces might not be included. At Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona, we make every effort to ensure that board games and puzzles are complete. The boxes on our shelves contain hours of fun inside for families and they’re far easier to bond over than another night or weekend filled with screens.

For Friends

Your friends may come from all walks, but any friend can appreciate an item that was hand-picked with love.

Jewelry Boxes

Vintage jewelry boxes are fun and fashionable. They give people the chance to experience a little romance every time they put away their favorite adornments. Finding the perfect second-hand one for a friend will be an undoubtedly unique gift they’ll never forget.

Musical Instruments

Do you know someone who keeps talking about learning an instrument but then never gets around to it? A second-hand instrument can be the perfect way to introduce them to a new hobby. (Also, if they just let it gather dust in the corner, at least it won’t hurt as much as if you bought them a new one.)


Some people love their watches, and you can find some truly worthwhile specimens at Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona. Second-hand watches show off the technical skills of old-fashioned timekeeping — these are truly works of art. Those that keep on ticking can be worth far more than money to the wearer.

Home-Made Gifts

Old teacups turned into candles, T-shirts made into scarves, cutting boards transformed into iPad holders: there are plenty of crafts for this year that will make perfect gifts. You can find practically every item you need for these projects at Goodwill. Or if you happen to be more of a baker than a crafter, it can be as easy as buying a cake tray or dessert stand at Goodwill and filling it with all your best hits.

For Everyone

From co-workers to fellow parents to your book club, Goodwill can keep you stocked with items for everyone in your life.

White Elephant

Gag gifts are meant to inspire a reaction, and that reaction shouldn’t be panic over how much the item costs. A thrift store is filled with all kinds of odd items and trinkets that can keep everyone laughing during the event without attempting to tally up the price tags.

Everyday Additions

Mugs, costume jewelry, coasters, flower arrangements, fancy hats: these are the additions to our home that often make for lasting impressions. It’s not about the name on the back but about who picked it out and who they picked it out for.

A Christmas to Remember

Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona doesn’t just offer you a thriftmas to remember. Our organization supports families and programs that build better communities. Every time you pick something up at our store, you support everyone in the community.

There are so many reasons to consider second-hand items for the holidays. Whether you want to save a little money or just don’t want to buy the same items that people have seen displayed on every shelf in town, shopping with us is one of the best things you can do for your neighbors.

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