Shopping with Deb

Hi everyone! I’m Deb, a minimalist, mental health, and money blogger at Clothed In Abundance. Before I started living simply, I rushed to the mall every time I felt anxious or depressed to fill any voids I had in my heart through shopping. When I blew my entire savings during my freshman year of college, I embarked on a life-long journey to live out my values to the best of my circumstances. I let go of many clothes, poor mindsets, and other road blocks that hindered me from the life I actually desired.

A few years ago, I discovered ethical and sustainable fashion aligned with my values on livable wages for people and preserving the planet. But I couldn’t afford a $400 jumpsuit or even $200 sneakers even if that did provide fair wages for the hardworking companies. This dilemma rekindled my love for thrifting. The hunt of finding unique pieces that are also recycled fashion. Scoring shoes or designer items that would have originally costed 5x the amount in fast fashion stores. 

I started a journey of creating a fluid-capsule wardrobe to define my style. In case you’re unfamiliar, a fluid capsule wardrobe is a closet full of essential pieces that can be worn year round. In comparison to the original capsule wardrobe, you can have more than 34 items, not including under garments and accessories. Sustainable and ethical outfits don’t have to be expensive, especially with shopping at a thrift store.

I love thrifting, especially at Goodwill, because each store is different and you can typically find exactly what you’re looking for if you’re willing to hunt for it.

I love this outfit because it shows my eclectic side. I don’t usually pick up graphic tees but when I do it’s from the men’s section. I love this all black look with a pop of cheetah print. The JCrew loafers make it a little more dressy and juxtaposes with a more classic style.

Neutral monochromatic outfits have been a huge trend this season so I created a look to wear to the office. The oversized dress shirt is printed with vertical dashes paired with camel trousers. I tucked it into add more dimension but you can also untuck it for an oversized look as well. The shoes were high heeled brown wedges to maintain the dressy vibes.

This outfit is perfect for fall and easily one of my favorite looks. I love sweaters and was happy to find this structured black-ribbed one that is a little cropped. It went perfectly with these green cotton/linen blend pants that I paired with black pointed toe booties. The pop of green is perfect for Fall/Winter time and gives this neutral outfit a bit more edge.

Linen pants are a summer staple for your capsule wardrobe because they’re airy and easy to wear. I paired this with a navy tank to contrast with the white. Then I added black sandals to contrast with the navy. This minimalist outfit is exactly what I wore everyday this summer. Neutral, simple, and light weight.

Some tips for thrifting at Goodwill is to look everywhere. You’d be surprised to find gems in the men’s or sometimes even the kid’s section. You can DIY or take something to the tailor if it doesn’t fit right and it’s like new. Another tip is to grab everything that you like and put it in your basket and then downsize in the dressing room—then again at the cash register. This eliminates the feeling of “I wish I bought that” syndrome. It also helps you see what you really need verses what you think you need. My favorite time to shop at Goodwill is during their 50% off of all tags, which is every other Saturday.

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