The Positives of Shopping at a Thrift Store  

Struggling to find the perfect outfit? Maybe you absolutely hate modern fashion, or have discovered things just aren’t made like they used to be. Whatever situation you may find yourself in, turning to a thrift store may be your best alternative.

In fact, after poking your head into a few local thrift shops, you wouldn’t be the first person to abandon buying new for thrift. Not convinced? Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider shopping at a thrift store.

Save Big

Let’s face it: money talks. And that is exactly why heading to the local thrift shop is such a fantastic option. Here you’ll pay a fraction over what you would pay at any other retail store. You don’t have to drop big bucks on merchandise in a thrift shop. So, whether you’re in need of a coffee maker for the office or you’d love to find a great cocktail dress without paying for something new, it’s possible to slash the price on whatever you find in a thrift store.

Find Items You Can’t Find In Stores

Want to rock a vintage outfit? You’re not going to find anything like it at the neighborhood Target or mall. These retail stores still have their own perks, but when it comes to vintage clothing, nothing beats the thrift stores.

Want to earn real street cred? Don’t buy some re-print band t-shirt. Get the original. And with vintage clothing, you’ll often find little tweaks and features that modern outfits just don’t have any longer. Maybe it’s additional craftsmanship in the stitchwork, or pearl buttons. It’s these small features that help vintage stand out over the modern replicas.

Stand Out

When you look good, people will ask where you purchased clothing. Whenever that happens, you’re faced with an internal dilemma. You don’t want to be rude and withhold the information, and yet you really don’t want to divulge your shopping secrets. But being the good friend you are, you smile and tell them it’s from Goodwill. Then you can watch as their mouth drops in amazement.

And just because you’re buying vintage does not mean you’re ending up with some kind of knock-off brands or inferior product. There’s a reason something from the 60s or 70s is still in fine condition. It’s because it was built to last. And when shopping at vintage stores, you can often find original Ralph Lauren Polos or Lacoste tops. The best clothes are often vintage, and the best place to find vintage is at your local Goodwill store.

Thrill of the Hunt

There’s really something lost with modern shopping. At worst, you go to the store, you pick out one of the mass-produced items, then you pay for it and walk out. Rinse, wash, and repeat. And at best, you just fire up the Internet and buy exactly what you want. Maybe you spend a few extra minutes comparing various outlets to nab the best price, but that’s about it. There isn’t any intrigue in the shopping process.

When shopping at thrift stores you never know what you might find. There’s an air of excitement to visiting a thrift store. You might find nothing, or you might walk out with true treasures. Whether it’s the perfect article of clothing you’ve been seeking out, or you find a toy you played with as a kid but lost decades earlier, there’s a thrill of the hunt element you just don’t get with any other kind of shopping.

If you have parents who used to collect items like stamps or action figures, ask them about shopping for these items. They will talk to you about the thrill of the hunt and how exciting it became to find something they didn’t have swinging from the grocery store peg. You receive that same kind of thrill with a thrift store. It’s not something that can be replicated online or with the big box retail chains.

Give Back to the Community

When you make a purchase at a local thrift store there’s a good chance the money will be headed toward a non-profit organization and used to help those less fortunate.

Goodwill, for example, hosts a number of thrift stores, not only here in Arizona, but around the country. Some thrift stores will accept everything from sofas to bedroom sets, while others want mostly clothing and small appliances.

Regardless of the item, the money earned on these items will go back to the local community. Learn more about Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona’s dedication to ending poverty through the power of work.

A Fun Shopping Experience

At one point in time, shopping was fun. It wasn’t all about the rush of buying something new. It was fun just going out, wandering the stores, and seeing what all is out there. Now, you already know what the store will have before you even arrive at the door. There are no surprises. You go to the store because you need a very specific item, and you know that very specific item will be sold.

Thrift stores put the fun back into shopping. You can enter a thrift store without any expectations of buying something, and yet it will still be fun to wander through the rows of merchandise. You never know what you will find, or what kind of memories are attached to items. Because you’re only going to find your grandma’s candy dish or your dad’s favorite t-shirt in a thrift store. And it is these thrills that make shopping fun again.

Check Out Your Neighborhood Thrift Store Today

You truly never know what you might find at a local thrift store. From discovering the perfect outfit not available at traditional retail outlets to stumbling on toys you once had as a kid, thrift stores are an exciting adventure into the world of retail. So before heading off to the name-brand store in town or firing up Amazon in hopes of buying clothing that actually fits, visit your local thrift store. Because you never know what kind of treasure awaits.

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