Vintage Items to Look for at Thrift Stores

Many fashion aficionados have come to love the vintage clothing trend. By wearing clothing, shoes and accessories that have been around for decades, it feels as if you’re paying tribute to a different time. When the vintage trend made its way to the New York runways and fashion magazines, its swift popularity proved that it’s a women’s fashion category that’s here to stay. Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to get the vintage fashion look that you see on the runway.  

One of the great things about shopping at a thrift store is that you can find things that you wouldn’t normally find at a retail store. Vintage clothing at a discounted price is especially hard to find unless you’re willing to spend more at a specialty shop. Luckily, the clothing racks at Goodwill have seen tons of vintage clothing and accessories.

Here are some vintage items you might find at a thrift store like Goodwill.

Vintage Dresses with Details

Ruffles, ties and shoulder pads, oh my! Keep an eye out for vintage dresses with detailed sleeves, buttons or embroidery.  

Quality Vintage Shoes

Ones with buckles, peep toes and kitten heels are all vintage shoes worth adding to your wardrobe.

Real Fedora Hats

Many modern fashion brands have recreated their own version of the fedora, but it’s even better when you can find an original.

Costume Jewelry

Look for rich bold colors mixed with bling. This type of costume jewelry reminiscent of the 1960s is considered vintage.


Linked chains and big buckles are two types of vintage belts you might find. Also look for old sterling silver belts with touches of turquoise popular in the Southwest.

Beaded Handbags

Small flapper-style handbags with beaded detail add a vintage touch to your look. Look for high quality and you’ll know you’ve found a gem.

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