What is one advantage of having a high school diploma that you personally value and why?

What is one advantage of having a high school diploma that you personally value and why?

11 Advantages of Having a High School Diploma

To understand the personal value of a high school diploma, we asked twelve professionals, including Chief Marketing Officers and directors, to share their insights. From seeing high school as a launchpad for a career to enhanced critical thinking skills, discover the diverse advantages these leaders attribute to their high school education.

  • A Career Launchpad 
  • Increased Competitiveness in Job Applications
  • Foundational Qualification for Opportunities
  • Broadened Intellectual Horizons
  • Gateway to Wedding Planning Career
  • Financial and Career Progression Benefits
  • Symbol of Dedication and Accomplishment
  • Seamless Transition to Post-Secondary Education
  • Access to Higher Education Opportunities
  • Developed Crucial Social Skills
  • Enhanced Critical Thinking Skills

A Career Launchpad 

I’ve been fishing from a young age, but high school is where I made it a career. I talked to my English teacher about gaining the writing skills needed to publish fishing content. Our programming teacher taught me how to start a website.

So many people, from fellow students to teachers to counselors and support staff, had a role to play in teaching me to follow my passion. My diploma is a welcome memory of those influential days.

Coty Perry, Chief Marketing Officer, Anglers.com

Increased Competitiveness in Job Applications

One advantage of having a high-school diploma that I personally value is the increased competitiveness in job applications. With a high-school diploma, individuals have a stronger foundation of knowledge and skills, making them more attractive to employers. 

This advantage is important because it opens upa wider range of job opportunities and increases the likelihood of landing a job that aligns with one’s career goals. It also provides a sense of confidence and accomplishment, knowing that I have met the educational requirements that many employers seek.

Overall, having a high-school diploma enhances my chances of success in the job market and empowers me to pursue my desired career path.

Samuel Fletcher, Co-Founder, SupplyGem

Foundational Qualification for Opportunities

One advantage of having a high-school diploma is that it serves as a foundational qualification, often required for entry-level job opportunities and further education. This diploma validates a basic level of academic knowledge and skills, opening doors to a wider range of career paths and higher education options.

Brian Clark, Founder and CEO, United Medical Education

Broadened Intellectual Horizons

Because I didn’t follow the typical path through life and discovered that curiosity and experience are more significant kinds of learning than textbooks, I can personally speak to the fact that obtaining a high school diploma is crucial.

The best reason to enroll in a higher education program is so that you may broaden your intellectual horizons and enhance your talents in a variety of different fields. Having said that, you really ought to see these advantages for yourself. It could be helpful to talk to other people who are going to take the same path as you. 

If you become dissatisfied with the effort you are now exerting and discover that there are other paths open to you, you may decide to investigate those other options. The love and support of people closest to you will be the single most important factor in determining whether or not you can make your talents and goals a reality.

Aiden Higgins, Senior Editor and Writer, The Broke Backpacker 

Gateway to Wedding Planning Career

My high-school diploma enabled me to get my first and only internship with a growing wedding-planning company that was near where I grew up. The diploma was the only qualification the company needed to give me the summer internship, which was supposed to last for three months. 

I fell in love with wedding and engagement planning during this internship, and I did everything I could to learn as much about the business as possible. My boss must have picked up on my passion as well because he ended up giving me a full-time job after the internship was done. I worked for him for seven years until I could finally start my wedding-planning business. 

Over the years, I have refined the skills I gained from high school, and I rely on these skills as well as my extensive experience in the industry to successfully run my small business.

Mary Smith, Founder, Vowness

Financial and Career Progression Benefits

A high-school diploma has allowed me to earn a lot more than my other colleagues who didn’t complete high school. I know money isn’t everything, but it has provided me with other benefits as well. One of them is rapid career progression.

While applying for jobs, it helped me stand out in the competitive job market. Even after starting my job, it helped me secure promotions and other facilities.

Caroline Diarte Edwards, Co-Founder, Fortuna Admissions

Symbol of Dedication and Accomplishment

Beyond academic knowledge, it also signifies dedication—a foundational but essential life skill. This credential instills a sense of accomplishment, boosting confidence and laying the groundwork not just for higher education and career pursuits, but also for the ability to conduct those pursuits. A diploma symbolizes personal growth and readiness to take on life’s challenges.

Marco Genaro Palma, Co-Founder, TechNews180

Seamless Transition to Post-Secondary Education

A high-school diploma is a gateway to further post-secondary education, making for a more seamless application process. Nearly every institution recognizes the diploma (or equivalent) because the standards to pass have been clearly set by governments. 

So, while college diplomas and degrees may produce a range of quality levels, the minimum quality of education in high school is much more standardized. 

Fortunately, this makes it easier for students to travel and learn abroad. An American high-school diploma is an acceptable entrance requirement for Canadian colleges and universities, for example, and vice versa.

Denise Hemke, Chief Product Officer, Checkr

Access to Higher Education Opportunities

A high school diploma opens the door to higher-education opportunities such as colleges and universities. It is a necessary precursor for pursuing advanced degrees, as it provides individuals with the information and skills required for specific fields. 

With a diploma, students can apply for scholarships, grants, and loans, making higher education more affordable. Furthermore, advanced degrees can lead to better work opportunities and higher earning potential.

Tim Allen, Director, Oberheiden P.C.

Developed Crucial Social Skills

High school is more than just academics; it’s a social melting pot. It’s where friendships are formed, where we learn to navigate the complexities of relationships, and develop crucial social skills. 

These skills, such as effective communication, teamwork, and empathy, are invaluable in any aspect of life. From job interviews to networking events, high school equips us with the ability to connect with others on a deeper level.

Adil Advani, Marketing Director, AnySoftwareTools

Enhanced Critical Thinking Skills

Developing better critical thinking skills is a benefit of getting a high school education. Students participate in various topics and coursework throughout high school that demand they analyze, evaluate, and solve complicated problems. 

These experiences help students develop the ability to think critically, evaluate information from many perspectives, and make sound judgments. This skill set goes beyond traditional academics; it provides students with the tools they need to manage real-world issues effectively. 

This benefit is valuable as it enables people to approach problems critically, encouraging improved decision-making and problem-solving talents that extend far beyond the classroom.

Brian Hardesty, Owner, On Display Signs

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