Why Goodwill is The Best Place to Donate Your Car  

If you own a car you no longer want, you have a few options. You may wish to trade it in, but trade-in values are often very little. If it doesn’t run, you may have to pay for someone to tow it to a junkyard or scrap facility. They may give you a bit of money for the limited amount of metal on the car. Or, you could donate it. At Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona, we encourage you to donate your car to our organization. There are a few key reasons why this is the best choice.

Why Donate Your Car at All?

Is it worth it to donate a car? The short answer is yes. While you may be able to sell it, that’s going to take time, and you probably will not get much for it if you do. Yet, you are benefiting in two big ways when you donate. First, you are doing something to help others that need help within your community. It’s a good way to give back.

Second, donating tends to be the easiest option and provides the best financial benefit to you. Though every situation is different – and you should talk to your tax professional about it – donating typically is a tax deduction. It seems like donating, then, is the right decision.

Why Should You Donate Your Car to Goodwill Over Other Locations?

You have options when it comes to donating your car. Donating is always a good thing to do no matter who you decide to donate it to. However, at Goodwill, we do our best to make sure this is the best experience possible for you and provides you with the best overall opportunity. There are a few key reasons why.

#1: You Don’t Have to Pay for Towing

Perhaps one of the most convenient reasons to donate your car to us is because you do not have to worry about towing it. Even if the car does not run (or has not run in a long time), we’ll take care of moving it for you. Our team can come to your property to safely remove the car. This is done using a licensed towing company, and there is no charge to you for it.

Once we tow it for you, it is no longer your problem. You do not have to worry about anything that happens to it or pay for any additional fees. It’s an easy process you can count on.

#2: You Get a Tax Receipt

Donating a car that doesn’t run tends to be a good decision, especially when you can get some money back for it. That may be possible with a tax deduction. While your tax situation is unique, many of our donators are able to use the tax receipt we provide to you (we are an approved non-profit organization) to their benefit. That receipt will allow you to claim the donation on your taxes this year.

In some situations, this can help you secure significant savings on your taxes. How much the donation is, depends on many factors. Be sure to check with your tax professional to find out what this will be in your situation. The tax donation is often just as good or better than what you may receive if you tried to sell your car.

#3: There Is No Cost to You at All

Sometimes there are fees associated with donating a car to another organization. That does not apply here. You do not have to pay any type of fee when you use Goodwill. We can help you get that car out from your garage or driveway where it has sat for months or years, and you do not have to pay anything for it.

It also does not matter the age or type of car. The best part is it doesn’t even have to run. However, if it does run, that’s okay too. Our team can help to ensure that the car is always put to good use no matter what condition it is in.

Why It Matters to Your Community

There are real benefits that come from car donations to Goodwill. Your donation helps to directly support our mission at Goodwill. We use the value of the car to help empower individuals – many of which are people who live right here in this community. The funds work to get people into career paths that enable them to improve their lives and those of their families. The funds help to strengthen families and give them the support they need.

Over time, this type of donation is exactly what is needed to help support your local community. It is a way to inspire others and do something to help people who truly need it – and are working towards improving their lives – to get the help they need.

Generally speaking, we auction the parts from non-working cars. Any money raised in the proceeds from the sale is then used to help support the community. We provide no-cost career services to those in the community who need them.

Your car donation helps with:

  • Helping people to develop skills to enable them to get better jobs
  • Career development support and services
  • Education for those who need it
  • Training for those who want to learn
  • Opportunities to help with improving quality of life

Donating a car like this is fast and easy. Our team can provide all the information that you need about the process. We encourage you to take a few minutes to learn more about our mission at Goodwill and the work we are doing to help others. We’re empowering people within our community to give them the tools and resources they need. You can be a part of that.

How Does Donating a Car to Goodwill Work?

You can take a few minutes to fill out the form for car donations right here on our website. From there, our team can contact you and gather any other information. We can schedule a time for you to have your car picked up that works for your needs.

You’ll receive a tax receipt once we obtain the car. It’s a good idea to speak to your tax professional about what type of tax deductions you may qualify for with this donation. The IRS offers some guidance on their website that may also help you.

Once the car leaves your property and the title is transferred to us, you don’t have to worry about that car again. It is one of the easiest ways for you to get rid of an unwanted car without having to spend a lot of time, effort and money all while supporting a great cause.

Do Something Good with the Car You No Longer Want

If you are ready to open up some space in the garage or driveway, why not donate your car to Goodwill? Doing so is very simple and offers many benefits. Reach out to us today to learn more about the process and what you can expect.

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