5 Reasons Why Goodwill is the Best Place to Donate Clothes  

When you’re cleaning out your closet, one of the hardest parts is deciding whether or not to get rid of your old clothes. Our reasons for hanging onto things can run a wide range. Maybe your mother gave you a blouse and you don’t want to let it go. Maybe you think that certain clothing will come into style again or that you’ll definitely fit into those jeans in just a few months. 

But as tempting as it can be to hold on, it’s usually better to clear it out. This way, you can make room for the stuff you will use or just open up more space in your home. If you’re looking for an extra push, consider the fact that Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona will definitely put your clothing to good use. See why it’s the best spot to donate clothes. 

1. Goodwill Benefits the Entire Community 

In a world that’s being globalized faster than we can imagine, supporting your own community has never been more important. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the impact that one person can make in your neck of the woods, especially if you feel as though you’re constantly pulled in different directions in your daily life.  

When you donate clothes to Goodwill, you make an impact in our community. You’re helping sustain a non-profit business that provides job seekers with the tools they need to get ahead. 

And make no mistake, the staff of Goodwill has personally witnessed the positive changes that come when you reach out to people who could use a leg up. There are countless success stories of people who have been changed by the care and concern they’ve found at Goodwill through our mission service. 

2. Protect the Planet 

Donating clothes anywhere will help keep them from going straight to the landfill, but Goodwill has been meticulous about diverting as many pounds as possible from the landfills of the state, giving objects new life. Year after year, Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona keeps around  200 million pounds of material from heading to garbage dumps, a number everyone can get behind. 

Another supporting argument for why you should donate clothes at your local Goodwill store is that it costs your state money to throw away every pound of waste they pick up. Major cities spend millions per year for textiles alone, which is a shame considering that most clothing is more suitable for donation than you think. Even if an item isn’t in sellable condition, Goodwill may be able to recycle it.

Clothing manufacturers also contribute a shocking percentage of carbon emissions — 10% for the entire planet. The more clothes we reuse, the fewer manufacturers will need to make. Finally, clothes release carbon dioxide and methane into the environment when they break down, which just compounds the endless energy that was used to make it in the first place. 

3. Your Clothes Help Other People 

You may not be able to save the world, but you may be able to help one person or family when you donate clothes. People shop at Goodwill for a wide variety of reasons, all of which can make them happy by the time they go home. 

So maybe your old shirt can be used to make the next perfect Halloween costume. Maybe your old jeans can be used to make a new denim purse. Both amateur and professional designers are always on the look-out for inspiration and supplies, and environmentalism is definitely in right now (and should be for a while). 

Or maybe your clothes will be used to outfit a family of four that’s struggling to make ends meet. A sweater that’s merely taking up space could be used to give a job seeker a much more polished look. An old suit that doesn’t fit you anymore could augment someone’s wardrobe so they’re able to work in a professional environment. 

One of the best parts of donating your old clothes is that you never know where it’s going to end up, and how it’s lifecycle will benefit those who come into contact with it. Turning trash into treasure isn’t always on people’s minds, especially in a throwaway culture, but there’s more joy to be found in this approach.

4. You’re Protecting Kids 

Even if kids aren’t constantly ripping or staining their duds, which they almost certainly are, they’re just going to outgrow everything anyway. The more affordable clothing parents have access to, the less they need to worry every time their child shoots up another inch. This should be a cause for celebration, not for extra anxiety about buying a whole new wardrobe!

5. It’s a Teachable Moment 

Once you know more about how your clothes help the community, you can teach other people in your life about it. From your friends to your children to your spouse, a little education can go a long way. This is not about preaching or coercing, but about openly sharing the benefits of how one small action can have major ripple effects. 

From a safer planet to a stronger community, you’re giving others a reason to consider donating their clothes too. The more aware people are of the opportunities in their area, the more likely they are to actually use them. These lessons can last for generations when everyone understands the true impact of giving. 

Taking Up the Cause

So as you’re going about your annual cleaning, consider the real ramifications of either keeping something you don’t need or throwing it in a bag with tomorrow’s trash. It might be an extra step to give to Goodwill, but the effort you make will be worth it in the end when you donate clothes. The more order you bring into your home, the less stressful it will be. Knowing that your clothes are going somewhere where they’ll be cherished again? Well, that’s just icing on the cake. 

Whether they’re looking for a job, training, or resume help, we’re here to make a difference. Your donations are what help us help others. 

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