Benefits of Working With a Phoenix Temp Agency  

It is easy to associate a staffing agency with being unemployed, but they offer benefits you might not have considered. For example, working for a temp agency in Phoenix might make sense if you get bored quickly in a job or like variety.

In 2020, 13.6 million people made their money through temporary contract staffing. This many people are not just looking for fill-in work while finding a career. Instead, people make a career out of this temporary work for many reasons.

If you are considering working with a temp agency, knowing what that means is essential. It starts with having the right skill set, such as proficiency in popular computer software programs.

Did you know that Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona offers a no-cost career center? My Career Advisor at Goodwill helps people find employment and provides resources for them to build critical skills needed to stand out with staffing agencies.

What are some other benefits of working with a Phoenix temp agency?

Organize Your Job Search

You could do it the old-school way by scanning ads and filling out job applications, but what if there was someone that could streamline the process for you? That is what a staffing agency does – it finds the right jobs for the right people – usually at no cost to you.

That frees time up for you to add to your list of skills and hone your talent. You can polish your interview skills and your resume, too. Then, when someone else is doing the job searching for you, you can focus on getting the right interview clothes and making sure you are a top job candidate.

Focus Your Skills

Knowing what a potential employer wants is a bonus when looking for work. Today’s employers expect job candidates to be proficient in computers and to understand things like social media and content creation. The key to finding the right job may be enhancing your skill set.

An effective agency can tell you upfront what you need to know. If you require time to build up those skills, you can take it to ensure you get the best job available while working and bringing in money.

Enhance Existing Skills

A temp agency in Phoenix can also put you in jobs that allow you to hone your training and build on your natural abilities. If you already have computer knowledge, a temporary customer service job can put it to work, allowing you to learn on the job.

It will also build on your skills, like helping you learn to better deal with customers or organize your time efficiently. You can take that information to the next staffing assignment and learn even more. After a few temporary positions, you have everything you need to find your dream job.

Build Up Your Resume

Employers also look for experience. If you are new to the labor force, you may not have any. Temporary jobs from staffing agencies work nicely to fill in the blanks on a resume. They also show that you can fit into many work environments and are successful enough to get multiple staffing positions.

Explore Career Paths

One of the most interesting benefits of working with a temporary staffing agency is the chance to explore different industries and job positions. That is not something you get any other way.

Focusing solely on one career path can be tedious and catastrophic if you find it doesn’t suit you once you get your first job. Research indicates that boredom in your job can trigger the same health problems as burnout. On the other hand, temporary employment gives you a peek at many different jobs, so you can find one that you enjoy.

With a temporary job, you also get to see if the job fits your life. Are the hours suitable for you, or do they interfere with being able to spend time with your family?

What about the work environment? Do the people seem happy in their jobs? Temporary work gives you access to many environments, so you can find a work culture that fits.


Some people’s lives don’t fit well with permanent, full-time work. A Phoenix temp agency can give them a chance to work when they want. They can choose their shift, as well. For example, maybe they want to work during the day when school is in session and at night during the summer break.

Temp work allows parents to find ways to make money that fit into their children’s schedules, too. Maybe you have less time in the fall during football season.

To Find a Permanent Job

Temp work offers benefits for employers, too. They can try different people to see who is a good fit. As someone looking for employment, taking a temporary job might open the door to permanent work. It is not unusual for an employer to offer a full-time job to some who temps for them.


Maybe your goal is to start your own business or to gain a reputation in a specific industry. Temp jobs tend to open up doors. You might drop an idea for a company to someone you meet on a temp job and walk away with funding or a new partner.

Maybe you have a specific employer in mind but are having problems getting an interview. Temp work for a vendor or an affiliated business might get you seen by the decision maker where you want to work.

For many, working with a temporary staffing agency is about being better so they can get top-paying jobs and find work they love. Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona not only offers you help to find an employer with an available position, but they also provide resources that make you more likely to get it.

Through Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona’s My Career Advisor, you can access community resources, such as financial and healthcare. You can take live classes or go to events such as job fairs. You can also take advantage of self-directed training to enhance your skills and get certifications that look promising on a resume.

The career development center will help you fine-tune your resume and explore career options. We will also pair you up with some of our preferred partners at no cost.

If you are looking to get a job or to build up your skills, visit the My Career Advisor website today to find out more.

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