Computer Skills Training 103

The final course, computer skills training 103, provides more in-depth instruction on operating Microsoft Excel. This includes learning how to use the program like a calculator and an organizational tool. You will then learn the basics of Windows operating systems, including their purpose and several valuable functions. The last segment of the day is about gaining informational literacy when using a computer and how to most effectively use a search engine when looking for a job. Here is a brief overview of those and other topics covered in the third training course.

Microsoft Excel – Part 2

By this point in the class, you will have learned the basics of using Microsoft Excel, but there are more components of the program that will be useful in many situations. The second lesson covers advanced functions such as worksheets, formatting cells, creating formulas, charts, and saving workbooks. You will learn how to create a sheet from scratch and arrange the cells to perform various functions. One of the essential cell functions to learn is how to use Excel as a calculator to solve and organize equations. Then, the course moves to how to build charts to visually explain data in a graph form such as scatter plots, bar and line graphs, and pie charts, to name a few. Once you have placed your information and practiced the steps, you will finalize your work by learning how to save your document in the proper format for future use.

Windows Operating Systems (OS)

It is essential to learn the standard programs on your computer and how to use them for personal projects as well as job searching. Windows and Mac operating systems have different layouts and functions, and this part of the class will outline how to navigate them. You will learn how both desktops are mapped out, how to search a library catalog, where the menu bar is located, how to use the Finder and Spotlight functions, and the easiest way to delete files. You never know what kind of OS you may encounter in the workplace; after this lesson, you will be able to use both systems with confidence.

Informational Literacy and Job Searching

Now that you have the foundational skills of using a computer and other software, it is time to apply your knowledge. The informational literacy portion of the course is an overview of how to plan to utilize your skills like outlining a project and finishing it by using a computer. The best example of this is gathering information for a job search (building a resume, using search engines, writing a letter of recommendation) and applying it step-by-step. Literacy also includes ways to use a computer for other situations like buying a plane ticket, ordering products online, and scheduling appointments. You will learn how to take data and organize it using the tools you have mastered [Word, Excel, PowerPoint] and ways to streamline web searches. If you are seeking a job, this last session explains the best practices for finding a job, such as using proper search terms, navigating job boards, and submitting applications.

Computer skills training 103 is the final step in the course that will give you the skills and knowledge needed to impress potential employers and secure sustainable employment. Once you have learned and practiced these techniques, you will be eligible to take the Northstar assessment. Following the test, you will receive a certificate that demonstrates that you have the required computer skills for the workforce. With this increased knowledge and certification, your job search will become that much easier! Ready to enroll? Visit to learn how you can improve your computer skills and gain the confidence to land your dream job.









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