Donation Drive Ideas | Tips on How to Organize a Successful Event

Hosting a fundraising drive is a wonderful way to give back to the community. It not only helps those in need, but it can also help promote a giving culture amongst a group of people. If your school, church or non-profit is planning on hosting a donation drive, Goodwill would love to partner with you. If you’re just getting started, here are some helpful tips on how to organize a successful donation drive.

Form A Planning Committee

Donation drives are fun, but planning them can be time-consuming. Beyond the flyers and details, you need to entice people to bring donations.

Forming a planning committee is a great way to get all your volunteers in one room. Go around and assign planning duties so all the responsibility doesn’t fall on one person. It’s a good idea to designate a leader of the committee, so both planners and participants have someone to go to if they have questions. Make sure the committee checks in regularly with each other to talk about the progress of the drive and talk through any issues that may come up.

If you’re working in partnership with another organization, be sure to know who the designated point person is to whom you can direct questions to and get updates. Internal committees, for example at a corporation or company, is also a great way to garner a diverse group of people and ideas. With charitable actions, it’s always nice to hear a variety of ideas to be sure you’re inclusive of those you’re serving.

Reach Out to An Organization

Before you host a donation drive, reach out to an organization that will benefit from your donation. A Goodwill donation drive is a win-win for everyone. Goodwill donation drives raise money for your organization, while also supporting our mission of fighting unemployment through our no-cost career centers. Plus, it’s fast and easy! When you reach out to us, we’ll assign you a designated donation drive coordinator to help you organize the details of your event, including the donation pick-up.

A donation drive can be casual or formal. You may want to collect donations for a family in need within your community. Or you may want to collect donations for an established organization as a way to promote goodwill among your community or employees. Either way, a donation drive in partnership with Goodwill is a wonderful way to give back to your community.

Set Donation Guidelines and Goals

How much money do you want to raise? Are you looking for specific donations, like clothing or shoes? Consider these types of questions as you begin to outline the goals of your donation drive. When you communicate the donation drive to your participants, it’s helpful to include a flyer that includes these guidelines. One idea is to outline a “dos and don’ts” section, so participants know exactly what they should or should not donate. Include contact information on the flyer as well, in case a question comes up that isn’t covered. Goodwill will provide flyer templates and recommendations for how to spread the word about your drive.

Many times people will bring donations to a drive that may not meet the requirements. It happens if guidelines aren’t clearly communicated or sometimes simply because the guidelines were overlooked. Make sure you review your donations before giving them to the recipient. Goodwill can help you find a home for the donations that don’t meet your requirements.

Consider A Company Match

If you’re hosting a donation drive to raise money for a specific charity, many companies or organizations will donate a match of the total funds raised. Many companies choose to do so as a way of promoting a company’s charitable values and reinvigorating their internal culture. This is not only a way to incentivize an abundance of donations but also to ensure you’re giving a meaningful donation. You could also do a one-for-one match of donations. If someone donates a clothing item, for example, you also donate one.

Have fun!

Rally the troops at your office or in your community and host a corporate donation drive through Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona! By collecting gently used items from your neighbors, family, and friends, you and your co-workers can help give back to the community. Your donations help us place tens of thousands of Arizonans in jobs each year with hundreds of local employers.

If you’re planning a donation drive, make it a successful event by partnering with Goodwill of Central & Northern Arizona. For more information, contact us directly at 602-535-4218.

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