How To Get On LinkedIn: 10 Getting Started Tips

How To Get On LinkedIn: 10 Getting Started Tips

What is one tip for someone just getting on LinkedIn? How should they get started?

To help you get started on LinkedIn, we asked business professionals and experienced LinkedIn users this question for their best advice. From writing a robust “about” section to adding profile keywords, there are several tips to help you get started and become a regular LinkedIn user. 

Here are 10 tips to get started on LinkedIn:

  • Write a Robust “About” Section
  • Connect With University and Work Colleagues
  • See What Works
  • Fill Out Every Section
  • Participate in Groups
  • Use as a Conversation Starter
  • Create a Custom Linkedin URL
  • Comment On Industry Thought Leader’s Posts
  • Spend Time Setting Up Profile
  • Add Keywords to Optimize Your Profile

Write a Robust “About” Section

The hardest thing about starting on a new social media platform is proving to others that you are a real person. An easy way to solve this is by writing a narrative about your professional life in the “About” section of LinkedIn. This portion of your profile should be eye-catching, and it should make the reader want to keep viewing your profile. In my “About” section, I include a hook, mission statement, main accomplishments, and main skills. The goal of this section is so that a future recruiter or employer can hear your voice, even before they meet you.

Thylan Le, Markitors

Connect With University and Work Colleagues

Connecting with people we know from work and school helps build a foundation for the LinkedIn network. It will warm up the feed algorithm and show us relevant events and opportunities on the LinkedIn newsfeed based on our professional circles. Establishing industry connections will become easier with mutual contacts. Also, recruiters will look at us more favorably, as our work history and skills will be strengthened by social proof.

Michael Sena, SENACEA

See What Works

Research the profiles of people who are successful in your industry. Look at what they have written in their profiles and how they’ve organized them. This includes any creative headlines they use or experience they highlight in their profiles. Also, take note of any recommendations they include. It’s always a good idea to post a nice recommendation from a colleague or work contact. Modeling your profile after one that is being well received will help you get ahead and noticed.

Shaun Price, MitoQ

Fill Out Every Section

Fill out every section. LinkedIn is an awesome digital professional network that offers a strategic framework for which information you should include. If possible, don’t leave any of the sections blank, and complete them as thoroughly as you can. Include your complete resume, a list of specialized skills, and which schools you attended. Upload a professional headshot and cover photo. If you have samples of your work, link to them in the “projects section.” These days, your LinkedIn profile could very well be the first impression that professional colleagues, recruiters, and job seekers have of you. Make sure you do yourself justice!

Nancy Belcher, Winona

Participate in Groups

Depending on your Linkedin goals, joining and contributing to relevant groups is a great way to get started networking. There are some great groups out there for almost every industry and most share content regularly. If you can make a habit out of commenting and sharing, not only will you pick up a lot of great information, but you will be interacting with others in your field.

Sylvia Kang, Mira

Use as a Conversation Starter

LinkedIn is an online professional networking resource that is a Conversation Starter. As you step back and review your LinkedIn Profile, are you showcasing points of interest to engage others to connect with you? Are you telling your Career Story? My suggestions for you to build this interest include: crafting your headline, adding an appropriate and current headshot photo, including a backdrop picture, creating an interesting About statement, and then completing the required/suggested fields of the site. Are you ready to start some conversations?

Diane Fennig, The Gallagher Group – Executive Search & Leadership Advisors

Create a Custom Linkedin URL

LinkedIn offers you the option to edit the URL of your profile page so that it is an address that is customized according to your requirement, instead of the usual strings of numbers that define a URL. Head to your profile right away, click on “Edit Profile & URL” — you’ll see this option on the right-hand side of your page — and hit “Edit URL”. If your name is a fairly common one, chances are your preferred URL is already taken. Don’t fret. You can simply put in a hyphen or use your initials to lock on to one that suits you best. Remember, your LinkedIn profile page is your online resume, and it just won’t do if it doesn’t have your name on it.

Jerry Ford, 4WD Life

Comment On Industry Thought Leader’s Posts

A great tip to get started on LinkedIn is to follow the prompts LinkedIn suggests in creating a profile. Next, connect with your peers, former colleagues and friends. Finally, to find success in building an audience or connections on LinkedIn, comment on industry thought leader’s posts. Insightful comments can increase awareness from others in your industry. Your industry peers will comment, message and reach out to you which ultimately helps you build awareness and a network. Further, consistently create posts on your own profile regardless of whether people like or comment – eventually they will. This deepens the relationship between you and your industry peers. As the saying goes, your net worth is your network.

Tyler Vallely, OUTREC

Spend Time Setting Up Profile

It can be tempting to rush through the process of setting up your LinkedIn, but you need to take your time and invest a lot of energy into this process. Your LinkedIn is like a virtual resume and you want it to look its best. Be sure to add all of the places you have worked, awards you have received, and the college that you graduated from. This will make sure that your profile shows off all the best parts about yourself prior to adding connections. The next step is to add connections of people you have good relationships with and have worked with in the past. Also, don’t forget to add a professional-looking photo of yourself as your profile picture. Join groups that you have interest in and begin your journey on LinkedIn.

Amaury Kosman, Circular

Add Keywords to Optimize Your Linkedin Profile

New LinkedIn users who want to get recruited for future job opportunities should add keywords in their title, summary, and experience. Since LinkedIn is a search-oriented platform, including keywords relevant to their industry and field will help them get noticed by employers and recruiters. While inserting unique phrases can be a creative way to show some personality, candidates should not skimp on keywords that will increase their chances of appearing at the top of search results.

Benjamin Farber, Bristol Associates, Inc.


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