Donations are the Lifeline of Our Organization

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Donations of your goods are the lifeline of our organization, but your monetary donations allow us to serve even more individuals each year. Your generous contributions make it possible for us to help individuals find jobs through the use of our no-cost career services.

We like to think of monetary donations as investments in a person’s future. By donating today, you will help provide career development, training, and education services for all Arizonans looking to build a better future for themselves and their families. A $25 monthly gift will provide free access to resume and interview skills assistance, and local hiring events.

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Career Development

With your donation, we can provide personalized, one-on-one career coaching with a Career Navigator to help job seekers design success plans that will help them secure employment with sustainable wages. A gift of $50 every month for a year will provide 12 hours of one-on-one career coaching.


With your donation, we can provide free training classes to help people gain the skills that they need to earn higher-paying jobs and certifications that will open doors. A gift of $75 every month for a year will help 30 job seekers attend our three-day computer course, which will allow them to apply for positions they didn’t previously qualify for.


With your donation, we can provide Arizonans with the opportunity to pursue a new career path and earn a sustainable wage to support their family. A gift of $100 every month for a year will help 3 job seekers enroll in the Google IT Support Professional Program and receive their certification to become an entry-level IT Service Desk Technician.

Make a Donation

After submitting the form, you’ll receive an emailed receipt detailing your monetary donation.

Please note that Goodwill incurs a 2.89% + $0.20 fee per transaction for debit/credit card donations. You have the option to increase your donation to cover the processing fee, which would allow us to maximize your donation and empower even more individuals. If you would prefer to avoid the processing fee altogether, you can send your donation directly to 2626 W. Beryl Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85021, attn: Finance Department.

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Join Us For A Mission Tour

At a Goodwill Mission Tour, you’ll hear powerful stories from individuals we served to completely transform them and their families toward brighter futures they never expected.

We host Goodwill Mission Tours at our Retail Operations Center to share with customers, donors, partners, and employees how we are impacting our community.

If you would like to attend a tour, please contact our team at

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