Shopping with Toby


Hello everyone! My name is Toby. I am a college graduate from Grand Canyon University who studied business of entrepreneurship! I am also a manager at Anthropologie and I absolutely love my job! Besides being surrounded by beautiful clothing, I still love shopping on a budget! I also love incorporating men’s and women’s clothing into my closet because I am a firm believer that people should wear whatever they feel confident in. My style is kind of all over the place; I love vintage style, New York fashion, and basics. Even though I love to dress up nicely, I always love a good pair of vintage Levi’s to create several looks, besides making it casual.

Here are a few shopping tips that I abide by when I am shopping at Goodwill!

  • Have an open mind: Whenever I shop at Goodwill, I never have a specific item in mind that I want to find because I want my options to be broad and not just focus on one item!
  • Look for things in your color palette: I always gravitate towards things that are in my color palette in my closet. I draw near towards more neutral colored button-ups, t-shirts, etc.
  • Never be afraid to experiment with items: This is one rule I always abide by because I never am afraid to shop in the women’s section because why should a gender clothing item stop you from finding your own personal style? Confidence is the number one thing I encourage everyone to wear every day because that is what makes the whole outfit great!

Outfit #1

Even though I love all of my neutral colors in my closet, I am not afraid to try new ones to see how I can incorporate them into my closet. I found this red vintage linen blazer in the women’s section and I knew that this would be a great pop of color in my closet. Here, I styled it with a graphic tee and white pants so that it would be a fun spring outfit. If I wanted to dress it up I could wear a leopard print button up to make the outfit more fun or wear a plain button up to make it simpler. That is why I love blazers because they can spice up any basic t-shirt and jean outfit to make yourself look more put together without putting in so much effort.

Outfit #2

I love trying to search for the perfect pair of vintage Levi jeans, but I came across from this orange tab vintage pair of Levi pants that I never have seen before! They are high waisted, which I absolutely love, and I can dress the pants up or make it casual if I wanted to. So, for this fit, I made it more casual with one of my favorite Harley Davison graphic tees, then I wore my favorite hat as well, then, to switch it up, I wore my favorite pair of vintage western Chelsea boots, and for accessories, I decided to make it edgy with one of my favorite bags from Anthropologie. I like how the boots and the bag make the outfit more edgy than casual—another tip I go by is to make sure you accessorize your outfit well even if it’s casual.

Outfit #3

For this outfit, it is kind of out of my comfort zone because I usually don’t wear a lot of white, especially pants. I found this vintage white button up with white embroidery in front of the shirt. I wanted to incorporate this to becoming a more spring outfit so I paired it with a white pair of jeans, and for accessories, I am wearing a neutral straw hat and a long green silk scarf I also found at goodwill. I absolutely love finding scarves at goodwill because they are an easy accessory to put onto bags or a simple t-shirt and jeans. You can also use the longer scarves to wear as a belt, tie around your hat, or you can even just tie it around a belt loop to accessorize the look more.

Outfit #4

This outfit is one of my favorite and go-to outfits! I love finding wide leg pants at Goodwill, and I found these dickies black wide leg pants and they were so stretchy and comfortable! I put together with these pants a Madewell button up top, bandana, and bag and also a pair of vans to make it more casual. If I don’t feel like dressing up on a day off from work and I still want to look put together, I will always gravitate towards an outfit like this. I would still get compliments on these simple outfits whenever I am going out for coffee or going to the store. Even though I love fashion, I love the simplest things in an outfit as well.

Outfit #5

This is my final outfit and it’s another favorite of mine! I found the prince graphic tee in the Men’s section, and I found the plaid pants from the Women’s section! Just like how I stated before, do not be afraid to shop in both Men’s and Women’s clothing sections, because you never know what you are going to find! I love this outfit so much because I consider this as casual but being fun at the same time. So many people like to do graphic tees and jeans, and don’t get me wrong, that is one of my favorite go-to outfits, but I also love wearing fun pants too! People should not be afraid of patterns because they are so much fun and they act as an accessory too because it spices up any outfit!

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