Soft Skills 100 – Introduction

Having current and relevant industry knowledge and computer skills is one important aspect to consider when job searching or excelling in your current role. Soft skills are communication practices that inform how we interact and navigate social situations. These skills are a combination of people skills, social skills, personality traits, attitudes, social intelligence, and emotional intelligence factors that are necessary within the workplace. Starting in January, 2020, Goodwill Career Centers will offer Soft Skills 100 courses to help you land a job that is the best fit for you. Here is an overview of a few topics in the first portion of the class.

Positive Attitude

What is your perspective on a co-worker or person you know who has a positive attitude? How do they behave in most situations and work with others to solve problems? In order to be an effective team player, it is important to approach situations with a positive mindset and attitude. Statistically, those who display uplifting traits are more successful at work, get along with their colleagues easily, and advance quickly into higher roles. In this first section, you will learn about the benefits of that mindset and ways to improve your sense of positivity and awareness of potential opportunities.


Awareness of yourself, thoughts, and emotions is crucial when interacting with others. It helps you determine what others are expecting and helps you adjust your behavior accordingly. This is a skill that can be developed over time, and it leads to improved emotional intelligence in the workplace and other areas of life. You will learn the various levels of self-awareness and the role they play in enhancing your personal skills. Also, this course will highlight ways to identify and change your thought process at any given moment so that you can best react to a variety of situations.


If you are looking for a new job or working to advance in your current position, many people would agree both endeavors require motivation. When you are hungry to do and learn more, motivation directly affects your work performance which, in turn, increases your success. When one is motivated, they often look to improve situations and processes and continue to try regardless of any obstacle. The skill of being motivated is essential to achieving goals and following through on commitments. You will learn ways to stay enthusiastic in your pursuits and develop work relationships by being a reliable and consistent team player.

Soft Skills 101 is the next step in your career development training that will give you the skills and knowledge you need to impress potential employers and secure stable employment. Once you have learned new techniques and brushed up on experience, your job search will become that much easier! Ready to enroll? Visit to learn how you can increase your interpersonal communication skills and gain the confidence to land your dream job.


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