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2018 Style Trends You Can Find Secondhand

Thrift stores are a fashion lover’s best kept secret. Style trends cycle from year to year, and sometimes weekly or monthly in the fashion industry. With this constant change, fashionistas often donate barely worn clothing to secondhand shops like Goodwill. Plus, style trends that were in fashion decades earlier often come back just in time for a savvy shopper like you to snag them off thrift store racks. Here are just a few of the 2018 style trends that you can easily find secondhand.

Purple Everything

Last year, everything was Millennial Pink. For 2018, Pantone chose a bright, vibrant shade of purple for their Color of the Year. Called “Ultra Violet,” it’s a deep pinky purple that looks good against nearly every skin tone. It even looks sharp on menswear such as ties and collared dress shirts. The best news is that Ultra Violet is super easy to find at Goodwill, where clothes are organized by color in each section. Look for gently worn tops, dresses and accessories in this bold new hue.

Plaid and Checkered Prints

Plaid is timeless, and easy to find at most thrift stores. Depending on a garment’s cut and style, plaid can be upscale work attire or casual enough for beers with your buddies. It’s also back in 2018, as seen in this summery pink jumpsuit by Posh Spice Victoria Beckham. Vogue magazine loved the look, and we do too. Look for plaid dresses and blouses in cornflower blue, lavender and yellow. See Pantone’s 2018 Color Planner for ideas. Men should look for structured button-downs in large, open plaids like the one shown in the photo above.


Fringe is back, baby—and we don’t mean Zooey Deschanel bangs (although those are hot, too). From a subdued black-and-white Nomia gown to Calvin Klein’s rainbow hued mess of a dress, New York Fashion Week was dominated by fringe. The trend doesn’t have to be that pronounced, though. Pair fringed crop top purchased from Goodwill with skinny or fitted boot-cut jeans for a look that’s chic and casual. This Free People thrift store find, for example, is the perfect trendy base for a night on the town with the girls.

Romantic Looks

While leather jackets and spiked shoes are still hot in some circles, 2018 marks another year for romance. Floral prints, flowy materials and off-the-shoulder sundresses are seriously trending right now. When looking for that perfect Goodwill find, scan the dress racks for something straight out of a Jane Austen novel. If it’s vintage Gunne Sax or floral, even better. Maxi dresses and blouses in light, pastel colors are a great thrifty find, and can be paired with boots for a modern look.

Sequin Shoes & Glitter Boots

“Cinderella” shoes are must-haves for every fashionista. Glitter boots and sequin shoes appeared on the runways at Fashion Week and in Cosmopolitan’s list of must-have spring 2018 shoes. You don’t have to be going out on the town to wear glitter anymore. Pair glittery short boots with jeans to dress up a daytime outfit, or try sparkly pumps the next time you go out to dinner with friends. The good news is that there’s no need to spring for an expensive pair of sparkly shoes. Sequins and glitter shoes are often found at thrift stores right before or after Halloween (think discarded costume accessory), and some buyers who don’t feel comfy in these attention grabbers beeline straight for Goodwill’s donation sites.

With a little patience and a few pit-stops, fashion lovers can find chic and trendy clothes at affordable prices in secondhand stores. After seeing 2018 styles on the runways, we’re excited to shop for this year’s hottest fashions—and we hope you are too! Ready to start hunting for 2018 style trend bargains? Click here to find a Goodwill location near you.

Shannon Aldrich

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