Thrift Store Scavenger Hunt Ideas

If you’re planning a birthday party, a scavenger hunt is a fun and unique activity to do with a group. You can choose to do a scavenger hunt in one location, which doesn’t require any driving. Or, you could have a cross-town scavenger hunt that spans a few hours, with the final stop being a restaurant to celebrate.

A thrift store is a fun place to use for a scavenger hunt because there are so many unique finds! Plus, you won’t have to spend a lot. You could even make it a game to see who can spend the least. We’ve put together an outline of how you can host your own thrift store scavenger hunt.  

Scavenger Hunt Rules:

  1. Separate into two or three teams of a few people each.
  2. If drivers are necessary, make sure each team has a vehicle and a driver.
  3. Set a budget and hand out cash to each team.
  4. Give each team the same hunt but assign a different Goodwill store to spice things up.
  5. Set a time frame of when and where everyone should meet at the end.

The Hunt:

  • Designate a color. Require participants to find a certain item in a specific color. For example, a green pillow, a yellow shirt, or a blue plate.
  • Find something that’s $0.69. Ask for an item that’s a certain price, like $0.69. This one is easy at Goodwill!
  • Take a photo in front of the Goodwill store. Say cheese!
  • Find something with two wheels. Bikes, scooters, or even a children’s toy could work for a two-wheeled find.
  • Take a photo with your shopping cart without all the items in it. This one is fun to put at the end. Who will look ahead?
  • Find something square you would put in the kitchen. Ask for a unique shape of an everyday item for a fun challenge.
  • Take a video of the team members loading the items into the car. These are sure to get everyone laughing at the end.

We hope this inspires you to plan a fun thrift store scavenger hunt. Everyday shopping at Goodwill is always a hunt! Our stores are known for their sizeable selections and unique finds. You never know what you will find on a Goodwill run.

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