Three Thrift Store Shopping Secrets that Changed My Life

Three Thrift Store Shopping Secrets that Changed My Life

By: Elizabeth Leon (@exclusivelyego)

As an avid thrift store shopper, I’m constantly asked to share some of my best tips, tricks and secrets to a successful shopping trip. While I can go on for days about my thrifting habits, I’ve compiled my top three secrets that have completely changed the way I thrift store shop.

Caution: The tips below have been proven to increase effectiveness, satisfaction and overall success when thrift store shopping. I am not responsible for your new-found obsession with thrifting.  

Go with a Plan

You know that cheesy saying “if you fail to plan you plan to fail?” Well, it’s incredibly accurate when it comes to thrifting. In most cases, those who go in “hoping” to score some amazing finds leave heartbroken, disappointed and frustrated that they didn’t find what they were looking for. Were you really looking for something (specific) in the first place?

An easy way to plan your thrifting wish list is by using Pinterest. The free app allows you to browse millions of pins, including outfit ideas, home inspirations and so much more. For fashion, find pins that fit your style and make note of the items you’re missing in your wardrobe. Have the list handy on your next thrifting venture.

*This is by far my biggest life changing hack when it comes to thrift store shopping.

Use the ‘Three X Rule’

Call me crazy, but I’m all about outfits I can repeat over and over (and over) again. This not only makes for an efficient wardrobe, but you save so much time and money by investing in key pieces. I’ve purchased way too many items that end up in the back of my closet, storage, or back in the donation pile because I just couldn’t figure out how to incorporate them into my life. This led me to come up with the ‘Three X Rule.’ The ‘Three X Rule’ is simple. When pondering whether to purchase an item, think to yourself  “can I wear this piece at least three different ways?”

Example: A little black A-line dress. I can wear it to:

-Work paired with a blazer and flats

-Date night with a pair of strappy heels

-Brunch with my girlfriends with a pair of slip-on sneakers

Note: Yes, this would be a definite purchase for me.

Set a Budget

I’m a total kid in a candy store when it comes to thrifting. I can spend hours browsing the racks, filling my cart and playing dress up in the fitting rooms. With that being said, it can also be easy to get carried away with how much you go home with. An easy fix is to set a realistic budget.

Revamping your entire wardrobe and need to replace dozens of items? Your budget would look much different from someone looking for a dress to wear to an interview. An easy way to set a budget is by using your “thrifting wish list” from tip #1 to come up with one. Setting a budget will help you stay on track, make tough decisions and avoid the post-shopping guilt so many of us get after a shopping spree.

Next time you head out the door to go thrift shopping, keep these tips in mind. Ready to start your hunt? Click here to find your nearest Goodwill store, and don’t forget to view our weekly calendar for specials.

~ Elizabeth Leon

{Instagram: @exclusivelyego}


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