Working From Home? How to Create An Inexpensive Home Office With Used Furniture  

It seems that in 2020, most people are working from home if they can. While many people left their offices in March expecting to be home for at least a few weeks, most did not realize that they would be working remotely for the foreseeable future. Recognizing that the situation is somewhat permanent, it may be time for you to create an inexpensive home office with used furniture.

Used Furniture That Will Complete Your Home Office

You can get creative when purchasing used furniture for your home office. These are a few pieces that would work well as office furniture in your home:

  • Antique Desk — If you want to create an office with a vintage appeal, then the best thing you can do is go thrifting in search of an antique desk. In many cases, you can find a desk that is not only affordable but also beautiful and well-made. You can repurpose this desk in order to help it fit with the modern style and decor of your home office.
  • Gently Used Dining Room Table — Depending on the types of materials and equipment that you need to work from home, a gently used dining room table or kitchen table may be the perfect addition to your home office. These spacious tables can allow you to set up multiple computer monitors or a printer in your home office space, while also giving you room to write, create, or draft documents.
  • End Tables — End tables can be both functional and decorative. You may need a small end table to display a lamp and add extra lighting to your workspace, or you may want one to use as a stand for a printer or other office equipment. An end table can allow you to create a welcoming, comfortable, and personalized office space in your house.
  • Office Chairs — New office chairs can be an expensive investment, but fortunately, it’s easy to find used office chairs when you go thrifting. It is important to find an ergonomic chair that will allow you to complete your tasks both comfortably and safely while working remotely.
  • Living Room Chairs or Couches — Sometimes, you just need a space to stretch out and relax while working from home. If you are reviewing a document or studying for an upcoming meeting, you may want to have a living room chair or couch in your office. In addition, these pieces of furniture can allow you to hold small, in-person meetings if necessary.

How to Repurpose Used Furniture

Finding used furniture is the first step in setting up your home office, but sometimes, the pieces you find do not match the style and decor of your home. Fortunately, it’s easy to repurpose old furniture and give it new life. Here are a few tips you can use:

  • Strip wooden furniture, and use stain or paint to change its look. This is one of the simplest ways to update a piece of used furniture, and also one of the best ways to transform a piece of furniture so that it better matches your personal home decor.
  • Add decals to furniture to incorporate new details. You can personalize your office furniture with decals that showcase your own style and personality.
  • Replace the fabric on cushions. Used furniture that has a fabric cover or cushion can easily look worn, and sometimes the original fabric is damaged or stained. To make the piece look fresh and new again, simply replace the cushions with a fabric that you love. You can add a pop of color, a distinguished neutral, or an interesting pattern to make the chair your own.

The Best Place to Find Used Office Furniture

If you are looking to create a home office space while sticking to your budget, then your best bet is to go thrifting. At a thrift store, like Goodwill, you will quickly realize that someone else’s old furniture is a treasure for you to enjoy. This is why Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona is the best place to find used office furniture for your home workspace:

  • Goodwill has a lot of inventory. Shoppers often find that there are many different types of furniture pieces available at any given time, which gives them a chance to get creative and find a unique piece for their office space.
  • Inventory is constantly being updated. If you don’t find want you love the first time you visit, chances are you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for in the days and weeks ahead. The more you shop, the more luck you will have with thrifting.
  • The prices are affordable. You can get a great piece of gently used furniture for a fraction of its suggested retail price. This can allow you to do more with your home office space than you ever imagined possible.

In addition to finding used furniture for your home office, you also may be able to uncover other items at Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona that will help you complete your work area. Picture frames, lamps, desk organizers, and more may be available at the thrift store at any given time.

Tips for Personalizing Your Home Office Space

Once you have used furniture for your home office, you will want to set it up and personalize the area. This will allow you to feel comfortable in your home workspace, and it will help you stay in a productive mindset all day long.

Here are a few tips we have compiled to help you personalize your home office space:

  • Repurpose a piece of furniture to become an accent in the room. For example, a wooden chair that is repainted to a bright or bold color is the perfect way to add a fun touch to your home office space.
  • Add artwork or personal photographs to your walls. This is one of the best ways you can express your own personality in your workspace. In fact, you can often find affordable artwork or decorative picture frames while thrifting. You don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to customize your at-home work area.
  • Bring a plant home to add to your home office. Green plants will work to naturally filter the air in your home office, where you will be spending a lot of time. They also have a few other surprising benefits, such as minimizing stress and increasing happiness.

Creating a home office space that is both comfortable and functional can help you feel productive and relaxed while working remotely. The good news is, you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to have a great space for working at home. At Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona, you can go thrifting and find all of the used furniture you need for your home office. Visit a store near you to see what used home office furniture you can find!

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