Goodwill Donations | Best Items to Donate Right Now to Your Local Thrift Store  

If you’re wondering if Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona is accepting donations right now, the answer is yes. It’s a great time to make a little room in your home and give your old stuff a whole new lease on life. We’ll tell you more about how to make the most of your old items as the country continues to battle against COVID-19.

Goodwill AZ | Donations | Items to Donate

Old Cars

Part of what Goodwill works so hard to do is get people ready to take on jobs. This kind of preparation is a long-term solution to poverty though, one that requires plenty of time and resources. Your antique clunker on the lawn (that hasn’t started for many moons now) has the power to fund this formidable program. It’s a great way to turn an eyesore into hope for your community. Now more than ever your vehicle donation is making an impact on the community and its chance for a brighter future.


As new technology continues to emerge, old electronics are piling up in our landfills. Your used electronics such as laptops, computers, tablets and cell phones shouldn’t be tossed in the trash can, but rather recycled. At Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona, we make it our mission to send as little to the landfill as possible. With every electronic device we receive, we responsibly recycle it so its parts can provide life to another device in the future.


COVID-19 restrictions have made all of us rethink our homes. Whether it’s the much-used living room or an out-of-the-way corner, we’ve all had to be creative about what we do with our space. While we may not always spend so much time at home in the future, your used furniture can still go a long way to help people set up functional areas that they can use to benefit everyone in the home.

Cooking Accessories

Cooking is a chance to express creativity in the kitchen and give people a sense of pride in what they eat. What’s more though, it’s an inherent money-saver and it encourages families to make healthier choices. When you can see (smell, taste) what you put in your food, you’re more likely to find clever ways to enhance flavor while increasing vitamins and nutrition.


It’s not always feasible to purchase new clothes — especially if you have kids who are just going to outgrow it in a couple of months anyway. If you have old items that are still in wearable shape (or even those that have holes and stains), Goodwill will be happy to take them off your hands. These items help people update their wardrobes without the expense, but more than that, they can be the key to landing better jobs by adopting a more professional style. Whatever we don’t sell, we recycle.


With all the time being spent at home, games have been a daily routine in many households. They bring everyone together and challenge us to think fast. Plenty of games don’t require any equipment at all, but having these physical items around can remind people that their lives are more than just work. So if you have a few boxes sitting in the attic that you’ve either updated with new versions or outgrown entirely, it’s time to let someone else have a turn.


Being at home more often means more stress on the building. The increased interest in home improvement made headlines this year, as people tried to upgrade their rooms to prepare for more months indoors. However, less was said about the everyday repairs that need to be made after an excess of wear-and-tear. Your old tools can help regular homeowners save themselves the excess costs of hiring a professional. Tools can even inspire people to learn new skills and discover talents they never knew they had.

Musical Instruments

Playing a musical instrument at any age is a healthy way to stimulate the brain and get lost in a new world for a while. From clarinets to guitars, your musical instruments can be a welcome addition to so many homes in your neighborhood. Whether it’s an adult who has challenged themselves to expand their horizons or a child who wants to talk to their crush in band class, the possibilities are endless.

Books & Media

These items are becoming more ubiquitous by the day. Free libraries are popping up in every corner of the US to the delight of neighbors everywhere. But if you want to offer your old books, DVDs, or CDs from a more centralized location, Goodwill is the perfect backdrop to give people more opportunities to browse. This entertainment discovery can lead to new passions or just end in pure escape.

Household Goods

Trashcans, picture frames, vacuum cleaners–our household goods come in all shapes and sizes. Some of these items help us keep our homes healthy, by ridding our home of dust and debris. But household goods can also be what gives our space more personality and character. An old mug in the pantry can transform into the beloved vehicle for a nightly cup of tea or morning cup of joe. Just because an object is small or seemingly insignificant in the grand scale of things, doesn’t mean it can’t take on new meaning to the right person.


From sheets to tablecloths, Goodwill gives homeowners the means to live a better life with a few more (affordable) comforts. Your old duvets or children’s bedding can inspire new decors and give families the means to do more with less. Many of our shoppers like to repurpose used linens and blankets into new creations such as doll clothes, homemade costumes and even coverings for your outdoor plants when it freezes!

Outdoor Items

Patio furniture, croquet sets, and volleyball nets can all give backyards a much-needed makeover. What’s more, they give people a reason to get more fresh air. The sunlight, clouds, and stars in Arizona have the power to invigorate the senses, clear out the lungs, and give us a new perspective. (Most of us tend to forget that when the warm TV screen is calling our names though.) Goodwill wants everyone to appreciate what lies beyond our doors though, and your old items can be just what people need to explore.

Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona helps people every day by providing affordable goods to the community. By donating your gently used items, you’re ultimately contributing to a person’s self-sufficiency, which is something everyone can feel good about.

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