Top Positions to Look For When Searching For Remote Jobs in AZ  

Remote work has never been more popular than it is today. Thanks to a pandemic that challenged the basic idea that you can only work face-to-face, you can find any number of positions that don’t require a commute to an office just to receive a paycheck in return.

When you’re searching for these kinds of jobs in Arizona, you should know that there’s an art to it. Some industries are just suited for online work, so it helps to prioritize your search based on who’s hiring and what they’re hiring for.

At Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona, our staff is here to offer the kind of free career advice that can help you both capitalize on your skills and improve your overall outlook. Regardless of whether you need part-time or full-time work, look at the specific industries where you’re more likely to find a remote position that checks all your boxes.


The tech industry was really one of the first to explore how remote work could be implemented on a regular basis. The good news is that you don’t need to have three degrees in computer science to find a worthwhile job. Even positions like tech support and QA can be great options for people who want to break into the field. As long as you consider yourself tech-savvy, you might be surprised at how many entry-level opportunities are available.


Healthcare and insurance are two major industries that offer the kind of job security that’s not always easy to find. Millions of people file anything from basic auto claims to complex medical insurance requests. Numerous companies need help with tasks like billing, transcribing, and answering customers’ questions about their claims. This type of remote work might be relatively new, but the opportunities are there.


The concept of loyalty these days has somewhat fallen by the wayside in a sea of competition. However, this lack of commitment does make people crave what they don’t have. This has translated to untold opportunities for salespeople who are willing to build better relationships with their clients. Sales are largely accomplished online or over the phone these days, and these positions offer professionals an opportunity to connect and form real bonds in an unlikely space. The best part? You can usually get started with no experience.


It would be easy to assume that you need a CPA or a decade working on Wall Street to succeed in accounting or financial positions. However, the truth is that many bookkeepers out there are just everyday people who know how to manage money. Programs like QuickBook make it possible to keep track of what’s going in vs. what’s coming out, and many of these positions can be done remotely today. At Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona, we can help you comb through what’s out there and which positions would be a good fit for you.


Easily one of the most versatile fields in the job market today, this profession can include anything from statistical analysis to deciding the colors of a company’s next product. It’s all about getting customers to see the company for its inherent values, so they develop both the recognition and reputation they need to stand apart. Marketers typically work with a team to ensure the organization’s future success. However, this can be done through messaging platforms and video conferences, so you don’t have to face that killer commute.


Tutoring, coaching, teaching: the pandemic has made it normal to interact with learners through a screen. Teaching requires you to be patient and creative, so you can connect with students and clients on a deeper level. Whether you’re interested in imparting the basics, like grammar and arithmetic, or higher-level needs, like how someone can manage their career to make the most money, this is a remote field with plenty of opportunities.


Administration can be thrilling for many people, even if the job descriptions are often anything but. Administrative jobs call for detailed scheduling, organization, and efficiency, and there are plenty of professionals out there who would love to put everything in order for someone else. These positions don’t require you to sit just outside the boss’s office though. You can do them just as easily through platforms (plus, it affords you the chance to hone your own system over time).

Mortgage/Real Estate

Sales, paperwork, legal, finance: this industry pulls together any number of skill sets and it puts it all online. This industry doesn’t always call for a lot of formal education, but you will need to be confident enough to make big decisions. If you consider yourself a natural leader ready to make your way up the ladder in Phoenix or Tucson, this might be a good career path to pursue if you want to stay remote.


With people shopping more and more online, it’s meant e-commerce positions have ballooned to keep pace with the changing patterns of consumers. Whether you post descriptions of products or troubleshoot orders that have gone awry, retailers are looking for remote people who will be available to provide support whenever people are shopping. (Considering the internet doesn’t exactly keep regular retailer hours, that’s all the time.)


Human resources is somewhat similar to the administrative field, though it’s worth pointing out that HR often requires more people skills. Because you might have to work with onboarding questions one day and an employee dispute the next, this career path calls for versatility when working with different personalities, in addition to being detail-oriented. At Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona, we recommend chatting with a career counselor to explore this option.

Customer Service

Customer service can sometimes get a bad reputation, but the truth is it can be fulfilling for anyone who likes to think fast. Because customer issues are often anything but routine questions, it’s an ever-changing landscape that gives employees a chance to get creative to solve different kinds of problems — all while keeping the customer happy. As you might expect, remote customer service will mean more than just having a killer smile.

The Career Advice at Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona

When you’re applying for remote jobs, you have to deal with online searches, stock applications, and cover letters. You have to ensure that your resume is carefully worded to convey the skills you bring to the table.

Job applicants are typically prepared for the work that goes into this, but what they’re not always prepared for is the endless waiting that comes after it. Because so many people apply online, it’s easy to get lost in the mix. At Goodwill, we offer the kind of advice that helps you cut through the noise so you can get the job faster.

From career assessments to training to resume help, we give you a roadmap that will make finding a remote position that much more straightforward. Contact us today if you want more help determining which remote job in Arizona would work best for you.

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