Why Are Computers So Important?

Many industries are changing quickly – by way of technological advances, new protocol, and updating old systems and processes that no longer benefit the company. Staying in the know is one of the main reasons why computer literacy is the most crucial skill to have in the modern workplace. Even if you feel that your career path does not rely heavily on computer know-how, it is still essential to know how to use most systems. Basic computer literacy, knowledge of Microsoft Office programs, and internet navigation not only maximize employment potential but also simplify and streamline other areas of life.


One significant aspect of how computers and society intersect is that virtually anything is available on the internet. You can handle any task with the click of a button. From ordering food, scheduling deliveries, making appointments, online shopping – even viewing mail from a virtual post office, the possibilities are endless. But, without understanding how standard operating systems work, you’ll often resort to doing things at a slower pace and with many more obstacles. Operating hours, out-of-stock items, traffic, and waiting on the phone for customer service creates conflict that can be avoided or eliminated. Computer basics 101 courses provide an overview of how to use a computer such as how to power-on, using the mouse and keyboard, and desktop/application navigating, to name a few.

Lists, Reminders, and Resumes

Keeping track of to-do items, appointments, and other lists can be managed on most computer programs – typically Microsoft Office. This popular program contains several sub-applications that allow you to create and streamline documents. Microsoft Word is ideal for writing and list-keeping, whereas project tracking and mathematics are accessible through Microsoft Excel. Other programs, such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Publisher, provide a platform to build presentations for personal and professional purposes. Creating a resume is also possible through a current catalog of templates that are easy to customize and save. It is essential to understand how to navigate these programs to use them on the job and personal projects.

Job Searching

If you’re looking to enter the workforce or seeking a career change – a computer is a great resource to begin your search. Job search engines are catalogs of available opportunities that span virtually any industry, skill level, or pay grade. If you know how to use a computer, your job search will become that much easier! The internet gives you access to company websites and other job search engines where you can submit a resume, cover letter, and application. There are many other tools for job seekers that are also available online and may save you a lot of time. If you’re looking to increase your computer know-how and to search for your next employment opportunity, Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona offers no-cost computer classes and certifications to help improve your competitiveness in the job market. Visit MyCareerAdvisor.com to learn how you can increase your computer skills and gain the confidence to land your dream job.

Goodwill is a resource and partner for anyone seeking employment or a higher-paying job. We work with job seekers and local employers to place tens of thousands of Arizonans in jobs each year, funded by the Goodwill donations of generous Arizonans. Goodwill’s My Career Advisor is the best place to start if you’re looking for a job. Signing up is quick, easy and free.



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