9 Computer Programs To Know For Office Jobs

9 Computer Programs to Know for Office Jobs

What computer program would you learn more about to better prepare yourself for your first office job? 

To help first-time job hunters learn the skills they need, we asked business owners and managers this question for their best advice. From learning Excel to collaborating in Google Suite, there are several suggestions that may help you excel in your office job and future roles. 

Here are nine helpful office programs to know for office jobs:

  • Recognize Phishing Scams
  • Expand Your Skill Set
  • Scan and Fax Effortlessly 
  • Use Project Management Software
  • Use Excel for More Than Numbers
  • Utilize the Tools in Google Docs
  • Get Experience with Database Management
  • Nail Down the Basics of Creative Software
  • Collaborate with Google Suite

Recognize Phishing Scams 

No matter what software you learn before entering your first office job, it is even more crucial to be aware of information security. Cyber attacks such as phishing scams that attempt to gain access to personal or organizational information via work emails have increased dramatically during the past year. Learning to recognize security threats like these will be invaluable as you enter the workforce.

Nick Santora, Curricula

Expand Your Skill Set 

As an agency that helps companies find culturally aligned talent, we focus on matching candidates with an organization’s values and specialties. Research the industry you are targeting and learn the common and more unique software tools you will need to know. Keep in mind that even once you have broken into your dream industry, it pays to continually expand your skill set.

Ryan Nouis, TruPath

Scan and Fax Effortlessly 

If you are going into fields like law, health, finance, or real estate, sending large amounts of confidential information digitally will be a constant task. Learning how to scan and send documents while staying HIPAA and GLBA compliant will be essential. We shorten the learning curve with our app as it can scan and fax with 256-bit encryption and a streamlined user interface.

Eli Patashnik, iFax

Use Project Management Software

Project management software, like Asana and Trello, is used in many offices that are in-person and remote because of the planning, level of detail, and collaboration they enable in a team. Organizations may use waterfall, agile, or double diamond methods — or a hybrid — to coordinate work. Luckily, project management software is flexible enough to allow for many types of processes. If you haven’t used project management software before, you can try many of them for free to just get a feel for it before you start your new office job. 

Meryl Schulte, Markitors

Use Excel for More Than Numbers

Normally when we think of MS Excel, we envision basic data entry, which can always be helpful. However, taking the time to understand all of the different functions you can use to analyze data can be very useful in terms of accounting, analyzing past company trends, and predicting future company trends. Memorizing how to incorporate formulas and functions into your table with averages, sums, and true or false values will make your analyses much more clear and efficient. 

You can even learn how to translate your data into visual graphs which you can present to your boss and the company. If you learn these skills, especially before your job begins, your manager will likely be impressed.

Brittany Dolin, Pocketbook Agency

Utilize the Tools in Google Docs

People involved in businesses need Google Tools, specifically Google Docs. When you use Google Docs, you can translate the information into the language of the people you do business within other countries. Also, Google Docs is always available on the internet. You can access and share with a link. You don’t need to worry that the info is saved on a computer’s hard drive you can’t access. You can annotate in the margins of the Google Doc and share with a link or an email. You can change the fonts and insert images. Google Docs even comes with images. The best part: Google Docs is free.

Janice Wald, Mostly Blogging Academy

Get Experience with Database Management

I would learn more about SAP and Oracle. Doing so would make for a less difficult time working with enterprise resource planning software. In my first job, I was unprepared, and learning the programs on the job can be incredibly difficult.

Joe Flanagan, VelvetJobs

Nail Down the Basics of Creative Software 

Some important programs that fly under the radar are Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro. These programs are both for the more creative-minded and are not quite as important as something like Microsoft Excel, but can be very helpful for crafting creative campaigns, building mock-ups, and editing promotional videos. Having some technical know-how in these areas can be a great way to impress new bosses, especially at the entry level.

Natalie Sullivan, Cooler Air Today

Collaborate with Google Suite 

Back in the early 2000s, colleges spent course time teaching students the world of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In 2021, those skills can still come handy, but only because Google Suite follows a similar format when it comes to software functions. Today, Google Docs, Sheets, and Pages dominate office space for the reason of, well, space. The mobile, work from anywhere, and collaborative nature of today’s workplace demands flexibility and accessibility for anywhere. No saving documents or emailing files required — Google software allows teams access from any computer. So for your first office job, get familiar with these programs to hit the ground running.

Natalya Bucuy, LiveHelpNow

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