Using Business Cards

Business cards sound archaic in the age of technology. Why carry around tiny squares of paper when you can share contact information digitally? When was the last time you saw someone use a business card? Do business cards matter? These are all valid questions. Despite business cards seeming like relics of the past, they can still be a beneficial tool for networking and job searching.

Of course, creating business cards is not mandatory, especially if you know they’re absolutely never utilized in your field. However, if you’re on the job hunt then it’s important to consider the function of carrying business cards.

Not everyone owns a smartphone

For any number of reasons ranging from the price to a genuine disinterest, some people own phones that are just that—phones without an advanced internet connection. A business card helps you quickly and professionally share your information when networking with someone who exchanges information the old-fashioned way.

But even if you do own a smartphone, they can be too impersonal

Taking out your phone to create a new contact is distracting. You have to look down and disengage from the conversation. Other notifications on your screen might need attention and in turn it gives the other person a chance to start looking at their phone. Handing over a business card allows you to share your information quickly without anyone losing focus.

Information won’t get lost in a digital void

If you did share your contact information digitally, it’s still to your advantage to hand over a business card. Some people have thousands of emails in their inbox or just as many contacts in their phone that you might get lost in the digital shuffle. A business cards helps you stay present in someone’s memory. They can easily remember who you are and what you do.

Being prepared

Part of networking involves being open to making professional connections at any point. If you randomly meet a recruiter or fellow job seeker and need to exchange information, but you don’t have a business card, what are your options? You could write your information on scrap paper or a napkin, but that doesn’t look professional. Handing over a business card shows you’re ready for business relationships.

Brand Impressions

A great deal of networking and job searching is branding yourself. Who are you and what do you do best? Having a business card can cement your brand and will help people remember a face to the name.

Do you want a business card, but you’re not sure what information to put on it? You can visit a no-cost Goodwill Career Center and ask a career advisor for help. Call 602-535-4444 to get started and find a center near you. Good luck with your job search!

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