DIY Scary Halloween Costumes For Girls and Boys  

If you want to be a fright to see, Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona is the perfect place to search for the best costume of the night. With a wide array of clothing selections, you are sure to find a perfectly terrifying costume at the right price.

Here are examples of scary Halloween costumes for girls and boys of all ages. You can create an unforgettable Halloween look that will be the talk of the night.

Get Creative With Your Inspiration

Whether you stay true to the source material or add a personal twist, there are endless ways to thrift an amazing costume. Find the right ensemble, accessories and shoes in our many departments. The best part is, when Halloween is over, you will have staple pieces for new outfits.

You can choose to make your costume as casual or extravagant as you please. Master the art of being creepy and cute by evoking iconic attributes of your horror flick’s character. You can use makeup, prosthetics and other props to make your look as accurate as possible.

For the Spectators of Spooky

The first course of action is to pick your inspiration. There are plenty of haunting thrillers from all generations of cinema that are sure to spark creativity or nostalgia. You can decide on your favorite character, or if there is a signature style or recognizable time period in your favorite scary movie, you can create your own costume. Creativity is key!

Jason Voorhees from the “Friday the 13th” Series

This one is simple and perfect for boys and girls. Since there are a number of movies he has been in, there are a variety of ways you can dress up as this character. Jason wears dark, tattered clothes and his mask. All you need for the base of your costume is tan-to-dark work pants, black work boots, a black shirt and a dark green collared coat.

Freddy Krueger From “A Nightmare on Elm Street”

Not only to teenage girls and boys but also to adults who grew up watching the film series, dressing up as Freddy remains a Halloween-time hit. His signature look is a red and green sweater, dark pants and a brown hat. Although his sweater’s colors are not the most common before the Christmas season, you can be creative and find a sweater or long-sleeve shirt in red or green and add in the missing color with duct tape.

If you are feeling extra creative you can replicate his face markings and claws. And, for adventurous spirits, you can reinvent his style with a color scheme of your own!

What About a Terrible Toy?

Even though they were not fun in the movies they are from, Chucky and Annabelle are fun to dress up as. Chucky from “Child’s Play” wears a colorful striped shirt, overalls and sneakers. Although the doll has shoulder-length red hair and emblems on his overalls, there are endless ways people have taken creative liberty with his looks. If you are in search of a couple’s costume, Chucky’s bride, Annabelle, wears a wedding (or white) dress with a black leather jacket.

Annabelle from “The Conjuring ” and her titular film is simply horrifying; however, her clothes are adorable. She wears a long-sleeve, white dress with puffy shoulders. She also has red trim along the bodice and a red waist sash with a rose. (Bonus: if you do not want to DIY Anabelle’s dress additions, all you need for Carrie is a white dress doused in fake blood.)

Not a Fan of Fright? Play It Cool With a Comedic Costume

Maybe scary Halloween is not your thing. There are plenty of funny and cute characters to draw inspiration from. Whether you decide on a character from a cartoon you love or the theme of your favorite Halloween episode, Goodwill is sure to have the essentials to get your DIY project started. Stay on character, or get a bit cheeky with your costume!

Cosplay the Classics

Wear all red like Santa and paint your face like a skeleton, and you are Jack Skellington. Put on a white sheet and a witch mask, and you are Lucy from “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” Wrap yourself in a blanket, and now you are E.T.; just be sure to phone home. The possibilities are endless with an imagination. There is a high chance of finding some great vintage pieces to recreate the looks of characters from past decades.

A Unique DIY Sure to Stupefy

There is no need to stick to cinematic inspiration. Your cute, funny, or scary Halloween costume can be anything you want. Find some clothes you like, then give it some gore. For example, you can find the perfect shorts and jersey for a zombie basketball player costume.

You can also astonish with a clever or funny costume that makes people think. Pick out an outfit you like, wear a name tag that says “Life,” and hand out lemons. You can wear yellow to stay on theme. You can also look for a pitcher to carry around for the lemonade.

Find Props and Accessories at Goodwill

Once you have your costume base picked out, you can also browse our store for great accessories. Whether you need belts, scarves, hats or bags, we are sure to have an assortment of quality items. You can also find different props to use for your costumes. For example, you can find an umbrella, draw or print pictures of cats and dogs, and adhere them to the umbrella. Get it? It was raining cats and dogs.

For any costume you choose to DIY, you are sure to find a variety of options at great prices. With some creativity and imagination, you can make a statement when you DIY your Halloween costume this year.

You can find a store near you by using our store locator. You can also learn more about us and our mission by visiting our website.

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