Fun and Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him  

This Valentine’s Day, think outside of the box when it comes to buying a gift for that special man in your life. Whether you are looking for something homemade or something interesting and unique, our team at Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona wants to help you.

Goodwill offers a wide range of resources to support you – from beautiful items to buy and give or materials you can use to create something from scratch. Here are some fun Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him that may be just what you need.

Find a Stunning Watch

For those who want to add a bit of style and class to their look, the right watch can make a big difference. Watches can be sleek and sexy or completely functional and simple. An old watch that has character and charm may be the ideal choice for a Valentine’s gift. You may also be able to take the watch and have a sweet but simple message engraved into the back of it. By buying the watch at Goodwill and having a local engraver do the detail work, it can be an affordable, but outstanding gift.

Quality Carrying Bag

Many men have plenty of things to carry with them during the day. From their laptop to their outdoor gear, they need a safe place to carry it all. Keep it simple and straightforward. For example, an old canvas bag with big straps and a lot of pockets may be a good option. You can choose from those with leather features or simple metal clasps. Have his initials etched into the bag to make it a bit more special. You can also fill it with a few must-haves, such as a tote for lunches on the go or a pocket light for those who want to plan an adventure.

A Personalized Wallet

For the guy that needs a new wallet, take it up a notch. There are plenty of options out there in terms of a simple wallet. However, you can add some homemade flair to the process with just a bit of creativity. For example, a high quality leather wallet is easy to personalize with a special saying he can read each time he opens the wallet. Or, choose one of the newest wallets that are slim and perfectly suited for rugged life. Some are even waterproof. You can still make it special with a simple message.

Homemade Picture Frame

Visit your local Goodwill to find one or more picture frames. Choose something that looks old and rustic for a charming, masculine look. Then, remove the photos from within, clean it up, and perhaps even paint it a fun color.

Place a few photos of you two together inside of it. This is a simple way to use all of those photos you have of your boyfriend or other special someone on your phone. Create a collage or just print one photo that’s meaningful to you both. Have it professionally matted for added value. Or, place several pictures in a row, starting from one of the oldest you have together to one of the most recent. That’s a great DIY gift from her that tells your story.

Date Night Ideas Jar

Purchase some card stock from your local craft shop, perhaps in a few different colors. Take an empty mason jar or a similar glass container (this may be a good time to use those old, empty candle jars for something meaningful). Write down date ideas – things you and him can do together. Then, aim to pull one from the jar each week for a year. Be creative – from lavish dinners to simple nights in with a special theme. Make them as personal as you want. It is the perfect way for her to show how much spending time together means to you both.

Personalized Glasses

Whether he loves a good whiskey or is the type of guy that enjoys aged wine, many will appreciate a few glasses. Choose a set of shot glasses if that’s what he enjoys or a stunning pair of wine glasses. Have a simple message etched into them. It is something that many local crafters can do for you. You can choose a variety of things to place on the glasses – his name, your name, the date you were married – or plenty of other ideas.

Plan a Game Night

Instead of spending a lot of money on dinner out, he may enjoy a game night perhaps just with the two of you or with close friends. Choose a few games you are confident he will appreciate whether that is a fun board game you have not played in a while or a game of cards. It’s a simple gift idea – purchase the game, a bucket of goodies to share, and perhaps a nice, cozy blanket to snuggle up with to make it that much more special.

Get Him the Sports Items He Loves

Whether he’s an NFL fan or has a favorite baseball player, show him you know what he likes by giving the gift of sports. There are lots of ways to do this. For example, when you visit your local Goodwill, chances are good you’ll find everything from fun things to hang on the wall of his mancave to jerseys and t-shirts to celebrate favorite teams and players. If the budget allows, pick up a few tickets to the game so you can really have some fun together.

A Box with Something Special Inside

Finding an old, wooden box may be one of the best ways to create a slightly homemade Valentine’s Day gift for him. For example, you can clean and paint the old box. Perhaps add a name to it or a date. Inside, pack it full of things he loves.

That may include treats such as jerky, chocolate, or other candies. You may want to include some of his favorite snacks or things he loves that he does not get to have often. It’s a treat that will keep on giving for a long time.

Books and Storage Options

Take a few minutes to check out some of the hardcover books available to you at Goodwill (when available). There are plenty of good books out there that he may enjoy reading, of course.

However, if you want to do something a bit more handmade and crafty, consider a hollowed-out book project. There are lots of directions for them online and they don’t have to be challenging to do. Once you create one, you can put a few small messages in the book’s empty space or let them use it for hidden items they want to keep on their shelf.

These are just some of the Valentine’s Day gifts for him you’ll be able to make or purchase when you visit Goodwill. Keep in mind there are a lot of different options out there and our inventory is often changing. Whether you have a boyfriend, husband, or a special friend to celebrate this day with, choose these items as a gift to buy or use the items you find for a homemade or DIY project that is just right for your needs.

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