How To Create Farmhouse Chic at Home For Less

Take a gander at just about every home design magazine and you’re sure to spot wood furniture, matte black fixtures, and lantern lighting. It’s clear that homeowners can’t get enough of the farmhouse chic trend. The effortless look of farmhouse chic isn’t always cheap, so we’re here to explain how you can achieve this look for way less.

What is Farmhouse Decor?

Inspired in recent years by the rise in popularity of home design television shows, farmhouse decor is a blend of both modern and rustic design styles. This type of home design takes cues from old farmhouses and uses them in a modern way. Barn doors, for example, have been reimagined and used in place of traditional pocket doors. Exposed metal tracks anchoring a vintage-style door with clean lines and fresh paint is a prime example of blending the old and the new.

Farmhouse chic decor dining table with bowls as the centerpiece on a long wooden table

Farmhouse decor is often on a spectrum. Some homes embrace the chippy paint and original shiplap, while others might be brand new builds but decorated with materials reminiscent of the farmhouse style. Mixing metals like brass, bronze, chrome and galvanized steel is a true sign of farmhouse decor. More traditional design styles usually stick to one or two metals, especially within rooms. It’s not uncommon to see bronze and chrome fixtures mixed together in one room with farmhouse decor.

A neutral color palette is the cornerstone of farmhouse decor. Whites, greys, tans, blues, greens, and other earthy tones are usually used together to create a cohesive look. A pop of color, if any, is done with muted but brighter tones of these same colors. The way that dimension is achieved in any farmhouse decor is through the use of textures and patterns. Fabrics and materials with depth to them are very common. So is the use of strategically placed wallpaper.

How to Achieve the Farmhouse Look For Less

One of the best-kept secrets among professional interior designers is incorporating thrifted pieces in their design. Almost every designer and homeowner wants to have unique elements in their own, something that looks and feels one-of-a-kind. While following the design pointers of Instagram influencers and your designer friends is easier, it’s way more satisfying to go shopping and find your own style. That’s why thrifting is such a major part of design, and especially farmhouse design. Searching for the old to mix with the new is part of the thrill of putting your personality on display within your home.

farmhouse chic clock on wall

There’s no shortage of antiques and vintage-looking furniture and accessories out there. The best place to start to get the farmhouse look for less is at your neighborhood Goodwill thrift store. Designers are turning average recycled goods into beautiful statement pieces that no other homeowner will have and no magazine can replicate. Collecting unique goods over time only adds to the thrill of the hunt. Thrifting and designing your home with farmhouse decor is a never-ending process much to the delight of homeowners.

What to Look For When Thrifting

If you’re thrifting for the first time and trying to achieve a farmhouse look, it’s important to know what to look for. The thing to remember is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money. In fact, you shouldn’t. This is because you’ll use other supplies to reinvent the items you find. For example, a sturdy piece of furniture like a coffee table or dresser is a great way to add character to your decor. Look for something with good bones, but don’t get hung up on hardware or paint colors because that can be switched out.

wooden book shelf | farmhouse chic decor

Household goods that you would use to style bookshelves and kitchen countertops are easy to find at Goodwill. Look for the shape, size, and quality of the items. Then you can repaint or shine back to life anything you find. Household items are actually one of the best ways to save money when designing a home. Finding them at a thrift store can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars as these items can be pricey when purchased from a traditional retail store.

One of the best reasons to shop at a thrift store when decorating your home is the possibility of finding heirloom pieces. Artwork and collectible home items that are old and have been passed down from generation to generation have tons of character and add the eclectic vibe to your design. Plus, how cool that an item or two in your home has a mysterious storied history? Keep your eyes out for unique finds when you’re shopping at Goodwill. It may take a few trips.

Pulling Together Your Farmhouse Chic Look

Shopping for farmhouse decor is the fun part, but pulling it all together is more difficult than it sounds. Professional designs think about space and scale when designing a room. They don’t just throw a bunch of furniture together. Oftentimes every detail is drawn out down to the inch before anything is placed. For most homeowners who are decorating their home themselves, this isn’t realistic, or necessary. However, it is a good idea to have a plan before you start arranging each room.

Beautiful kitchen room with green island and farmhouse sink. | farmhouse chic decor

The best place to start is your kitchen and living room. These are the rooms we spend our most time in and they set the tone for the rest of the house. Hardware and paint colors are the base of any great farmhouse kitchen, but it’s also important to pay attention to fixtures and fabric textures too. If you have a large island, anchor the large area with a centerpiece, like a wooden fruit bowl or an indoor lantern.

The living room is obviously held together with the family couch. Leather or linen materials are ideal for a farmhouse chic look. A nice big area rug should be placed down before the furniture, with each piece of furniture touching the rug. Adding indoor plants is a must for the main living area. Greenery is seen in just about every designer home and it gives the home a fresh and lively feel. Small plants can be potted and placed on coffee tables and in bookshelves, while large plants can be placed in baskets around the edges of the room.

Home decorations in the interior of a letter with an inscription home on a wooden background in the interior of the bedroom with turquoise blanket | farmhouse chic decor

Once the big stuff is complete, add in your thrifted pieces and personal touches! Head to your local Goodwill store to start hunting for the perfect pieces to add to your farmhouse chic home.

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