Matching Gifts 101 – Non Profit Organizations

Matching gifts is a simple and effective way for non-profit organizations to increase donations and reach the community to boost philanthropic efforts. Company matching gifts programs vary at which ratio they will match their employee contributions to an organization, either one-to-one, two-to-one, three-to-one, and beyond! Here is a brief overview of matching gifts programs and how you can double, or even triple, your gift!

The first step is to find out if your company has a matching gift program. You can search for this information online via various search engines or you can check directly with your company. If you are unable to see if your company participates in a gift matching program online, still check with your company as they might have not registered themselves through those search engines to show they are an eligible company. Make sure you gather any relevant guidelines and processes before donating, if you wish to double the impact of your gift by utilizing your company’s matching gifts program.

Depending on your company and their guidelines, find out how your company requires you to submit for a matching gift prior to making a monetary donation to an organization. Online or paper forms are the most popular ways companies have their employees use to submit for a matching gift, but some companies take other forms, such as documented volunteer hours.

Upon approval, your company will then match your donation to the respective organization per their matching policy. For example, if you make a $100 donation to an organization and your company only matches half, then your company will make a $50 contribution additional to your original donation. Please note, there also might be a limit to how much your company will match, you will need to inquire with your company regarding their max contribution.

This entire process increases a company’s fundraising capacity and ensures that available gifts and resources are put to use. In short, gift matching is a simple, effective way to contribute to and draw visibility to a non-profit organization’s cause that you support and know is doing great things in the community! Interested in matching your donation to Goodwill and empowering individuals in our community? Contact us here to match your donation with Goodwill today



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