Top 10 Tips From Local Phoenix Bloggers

Knowing what to do when shopping for clothes can be a daunting task. Sometimes you might browse for hours, trying to find the perfect fit, and still get discouraged. What do you look for? Where? What are your options? We compiled our favorite top ten tips from local Phoenix bloggers to help you make the most of your next shopping trip. Let’s dive right in!

1.) Be Open to Different Sizes – Try It On!

“I actually fit in a size much smaller than my own! I’m normally a 2X-3X in bottoms, but I found these in the 13/14, and they fit wonderfully! Always a great tip to try on clothing if it seems possible with the given material!” Sara @sarazork

“Another tip is to grab everything that you like and put it in your basket and then downsize in the dressing room—then again at the cash register. This eliminates the feeling of ‘I wish I bought that’ syndrome. It also helps you see what you really need versus what you think you need.” Deb @clothedinabundance

“Be open to wearing a different size (you will be surprised).”Franchela @modestubyfranchela

“Always try on the clothing, as some clothing may have shrunk, or if it’s an older item, the sizes could be much different than today’s sizes.”Brandon @bargainbrando

“One of my biggest tips would be to not get so set on the size. I personally can range anywhere from an XS in some brands, to a Large in others.”Ashley @smashinglyashley_

Model: @sarazork

2.) Don’t be Afraid to Make Alterations

“I found this cheetah print maxi skirt that I turned into a midi skirt!” Sara

“You can DIY or take something to the tailor if it doesn’t fit right and it’s like new.” Demi @demibanging

“Look into cutting jeans into shorts.”Demi

3.) Keep an Open Mind

“I love the cut of this blazer, it is so flattering to the figure and makes you feel like a boss babe! And guess what?! This blazer actually has shoulder pads!!”Sara

“People should not be afraid of patterns because they are so much fun and they act as an accessory too because it spices up any outfit!”Toby @tobiasyunly

“Always have an open mind, do not be scared to look for prints and patterns, and be open to wearing a different size.”Sara

“Always go in open-minded because you never know what you will find. If you stay open-minded you are certain to find at least one item that you can use to build your wardrobe.”Brandon

“Go in with an open mind. If you go in looking for something specific, you’ll probably be let down. You can keep a running list in the back of your mind of things to look out for, but Goodwill is all about going in with no expectations and being surprised by what you find!”Lindsey @lindseyannrouleau

“Don’t always go looking for designer or high-end brands. Keep an open mind and look for styles that stand out to you. Look at quality v.s. brand.”Ashley

Model: @tobiasyunly

4.) Look for Complimentary Pieces to What You Already Have in Your Closet

“Look in the color palette that you already have/compliments your current closet.”Jules @teacherfashionista

“I look for items that pair easily with other clothing and create multiple styles. For example, gray trousers and black jeans. Both are versatile and staples I can add to my wardrobe to create multiple looks.”Brandon

Model: @bargainbrando

5.) Take Advantage of Deals

“My favorite time to shop at Goodwill is during their 50% off of all tags, which is every other Saturday.”Deb

“Color days, half off.”Jessi @jessirussell

6.) Look Everywhere

“Graphic tees from the mens section.”Deb

“Trendy pieces can be found in any section.”Sara

“Search for brands you already like and know fit.” Jules

“Never be afraid to experiment with items. This is one rule I always abide by because I am never afraid to shop in the women’s section, because why should a gender clothing item stop you from finding your own personal style?”Toby

Model: @clothedinabundance

7.) Try Out the Accessories

“You never know what kind of bags they have in the stores. Sometimes designer brands like Kate Spade or Dooney & Bourke.”Laura @iamlauramadden

“You can find trendy belts and hats as well.”Laura

Model: @iamlauramadden

8.) Visit Different Goodwill Stores

“Consistency is key. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my Goodwill-aholic husband, it’s try, try again! Visit often, because it’s all about the joy of treasure hunting – not instant gratification of finding an item on your very first try.”Lindsey

“Don’t get discouraged. Sometimes you find more than you could hope for. But occasionally, you walk out with one thing or possibly even empty handed. Having a positive and open mindset is important while thrifting. Keep on smiling babes, the world needs more of that.” Ashley

9.) Have fun!

“Shopping at Goodwill is an adventure—it’s amazing and you will always find something you love. Take your time, have confidence, and be the best fashionista you can be.”Franchela

Model: @modestubyfranchela

10.) Give Back

Part of shopping at a thrift store is paying it forward. You’re already helping the community with your purchase. Take it a step further by donating your no longer needed items to Goodwill. Your purchases and donations help us provide no-cost career development, training, and education to Arizonans.

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