11 Job Skills Most Career Fields Require

11 Job Skills Most Career Fields Require

What is one job skill currently in demand across multiple career fields?

To help you identify job skills that are currently in demand, we asked experienced recruiters and business leaders this question for their best insights. From people management skills to software development skills, there are several transferable skills that are noted as relevant across most career fields.

Here are 11 job skills most career fields require:

  • People Management Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Sales Management Skills
  • Content Creation Skills
  • Research Skills
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Search Engine Optimization Skills
  • Any Skills Coupled With Conscientiousness
  • Writing Skills
  • Software Development Skills

11 Job Skills Most Career Fields Require

People Management Skills

Building and deepening relationships, keeping the team on track, providing the correct incentive, recognizing the needs of a team member, and assisting others in achieving their goals are all examples of strong people management skills. People management necessitates the application of both hard and soft skills. If you have never held a managerial role but want to, try to focus on increasing your soft skills, such as dealing with job stress, effective communication, and empathizing with your team. Developing these qualities, in my opinion, will help you demonstrate that you can successfully manage a team.

Gerrid Smith, Fortis Medical Billing


Analytical Skills

Companies, I believe, seek people that excel at studying a problem and identifying the best solution in a quick and effective manner. As a result, professionals with excellent analytical skills are in high demand across a wide range of businesses. Analytical skills refer to your capacity to comprehend and analyze an issue or scenario before deciding what steps to take next.

Developing this skill, in my opinion, not only helps you better your work but also helps you attain organizational goals. Analytical talents may already be used in your daily employment. Analytical skills are required for brainstorming, recognizing patterns, evaluating data, observing, thinking, integrating new information, and making judgments based on many factors and options available.

Sumit Bansal, TrumpExcel


Sales Management Skills

Most companies make money because of sales, so I believe that if you have experience in sales leadership, you will have opportunities in many different fields. The capacity to close business agreements and coach others is defined as sales leadership. Outstanding sales executives are strategic, looking at the big picture and discovering patterns that may be changed or areas where income can be increased. Excellent communication skills, the ability to motivate, a will to produce outcomes, and skills in coaching and team building are all important attributes of high-performing sales executives.

Kenny Kline, BarBend


Content Creation Skills

One significant skill or expertise that is in demand across multiple career and professional fields is- Content Creation. Wondering how? Well, content is the base of everything. Be it social media management, marketing, writing blogs, designing a website, and more, you need content for that. Content creation can be done in writing, creating videos, images, or graphics. 

In fact, most companies proactively look out to source content creators who can develop a content strategy to create and market it to help grow their brands. From IT companies, news agencies, and SaaS companies to marketing and recruitment agencies, recruiters actively lookout to hire talented content creators from the candidate pool.

Madhurima Halder, Recruit CRM


Research Skills

The ability to research topics thoroughly and quickly is a necessary skill for almost any career field. Understanding quality sources of information and what makes them credible is crucial in the digital age. Though no one is expected to be an expert across multiple fields and industries, the internet has enabled us to learn more than ever in a matter of seconds. Knowing how to navigate these information channels, and what information is useful as knowledge and intelligence, is a great skill to have no matter the business or position.

New Melchizedec S, Expertrec


Customer Service Skills

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the most in-demand job skill in the United States is customer service. A customer service representative is a job title that is becoming increasingly prominent across a wide array of industries. Customer service is an extremely valuable skill because it means helping customers as quickly, effectively, and cordially as possible. As the internet has made it easier for customers to contact businesses, the need for customer service representatives has increased dramatically. Every company in every industry needs good customer service people, so this is a very valuable skill to have on your resume.

Adam Gaskill, CRC Industries


Communication Skills

Communication skills will always be in demand across industries because they complement all types of work performance. Sometimes what makes a speaker most persuasive is not what they say but how they say it. These skills are usually those strengths that come across better in an interview than on your resume. Holding eye contact, being concise, reading the room, and expressing yourself articulately make you a more reliable employee no matter what field. Typically, communication skills help with client-facing roles and customer service but facilitate various gears in the workplace to run more smoothly. Most of the time, you would choose to work with someone who makes your work experience more pleasant than someone who is strictly good at their job.

Jason Panzer, Hexclad


Search Engine Optimization Skills

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an in-demand skill across multiple industries. SEO is vital to making your website more visible, raising brand awareness, and increasing traffic to your site. It’s an essential step to increasing your conversion rate. SEO experts can help businesses improve their trust, credibility, and overall revenue while maintaining a high ROI.

Christian Kjaer, ElleVet


Any Skills Coupled With Conscientiousness 

A skill that is transferable and valuable to any employer is conscientiousness.  Conscientiousness relates to a person’s conscience and his or her desire to do what is right by others. You might ask how conscientiousness can be considered a job skill.  When determining skills and abilities, a person’s personality traits can be even more important than their physical abilities and specialized knowledge. Thus, a person who has a high degree of knowledge and physical capability may not make a great employee. However, when you have people who want to do the right thing in their work duties, an employer can be more confident the knowledge and skills they have will be used to the company’s benefit.

David Black, Parks & Jones


Writing Skills

Companies are trying to make remote work possible – it’s what employees are demanding. But video calls all day long aren’t the answer. The only way to effectively work remotely is to prioritize asynchronous work/communication, which means being able to write quickly and effectively, no matter your division or function. I’ve found that those who have strong written communication are excelling in a hybrid- or remote-first environment, while those who don’t are struggling.

Sarah Smith, Olive


Software Development Skills

One job skill that is currently in demand is software development. Software development is used everywhere, from banking to manufacturing, to the military, to health care and education. It’s important that a developer be flexible and be able to maintain a balance between cutting-edge development and security. Companies are looking for people who are able to make improvements to existing systems while continuing to maintain the integrity and security of the system.

Rachel Hemsley, MakeBreadAtHome


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