7 Ways to Impress Potential Employers

First impressions matter especially when meeting a potential employer. Do you want to know how to impress a potential employer? You can make a great first impression in an interview or even on a resume by implementing a few key points. 

A candidate only has one chance to make a first impression, right? I have asked several Hiring Managers from various industries, one question, “What impresses you when interviewing a candidate to potentially hire?” Here is what I discovered:

Have a Good Attitude

Although another applicant may have more experience or specific skills, a potential employer will be more impressed with your positivity vs. someone with more skills and a negative attitude. Hiring Managers believe a candidate with a good attitude is also willing to learn and be a better team player.

Target Your Resume

This is great advice. Focusing your resume for a specific position allows you to highlight all of your relevant talents to that specific employer. And being to address specific things on your resume will be important in an interview. 

Dress Professionally

Dressing professionally is important across the board for all industries. Dressing for the part tells employers that you are ready for work. ALWAYS put your best foot forward and dress professionally throughout the interview process. Even companies that have a casual dress code want to know that you’ve put care and thought into showing you take the hiring process seriously and want to make a strong impression.

Research the Specific Job Role and Organization

A candidate that has done their research on the organization prior to an interview will impress any hiring manager. Researching the company in advance shows the employer that you are looking for more than a job, but a career with longevity.

Ask Questions During the Interview

No matter the industry, organization, job title, BE PREPARED to ask a minimum of two questions during an interview. The best questions to ask are those that express your interest in the organization. For example, “Tell me about your company’s training?”

Lead With Your Strengths

Yes! Put your best foot forward. What makes you unique or different from the other 30 candidates?  Always lead with your strengths and speak about them with confidence.  Remember, you may be asked about your weaknesses too so it’s good to prepare responses to that question as well in a way that ties into how you’ve overcome them, or turned into a positive opportunity.

Show You Are Someone Who Takes Initiative

Following up after an interview is an immediate way to show a hiring manager you are someone who shows initiative. During an interview, so is asking for business cards and asking the hiring manager about their career.

Interviews can be challenging or even intimidating at times.  Being prepared and having confidence in yourself will make the process go smoothly. Lastly, smile! Yes, smiles impress employers a lot. It shows that they have the potential of being a friendly co-worker.     

There are many online tools and resources to help you in your job search. One of those resources is Goodwill’s MyCareerAdvisor.com. Once you create your free account you’ll  have access to our resume and interview resources, as well as training courses to help support your career goals. If you need additional help preparing for your job search, visit your neighborhood career center or call 602-535-4444 for more assistance. 


Author Bio:

Stephanie Strephans is an experienced Career Navigator on Goodwill’s Mission Services team. For the past 6 years, she has been inspired anddriven by her passion for pursuing Goodwill’s Mission, “Ending Poverty Through the Power of Work”. Stephanie takes great pride in her role and being a part of an amazing team that works together to impact our communities through job readiness skills and employment opportunities.

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