STAR Technique

There are a lot of strategies available for effectively answering interview questions. One of them is the STAR technique, an especially helpful tool for answering behavioral interview questions. Using the technique can keep you focused while you answer questions with anecdotal experiences. A large part of answering behavioral interview questions is not only showing an interviewer your personality and soft skills capabilities, but it’s also telling a story about your work history. You want to be clear and concise in your communication. Read more about the strategy below.

STAR is an acronym, standing for:

Situation, Task, Action, Result

Situation provides context to your story, such as when and where things took place.

Task explains what role you played in the story or the project you and your team were tackling.

Action tells the interviewer what action you took in the situation. Even if it was a team project, be sure to highlight the specific role you played.

Result is letting the interviewer know what results your actions led to in the end.

Remember to remain positive and relay not only the positive things, but to also include the challenges (don’t get negative).

Preparing for behavioral interview questions take a lot of work. You need to review the job description and assess which skills they’re looking for and then think about your own work experience. Try your best to anticipate what they’ll ask. You don’t want to answer all of your behavioral interview questions on the spot without prior contemplation.

You can visit a no-cost Goodwill Career Center and ask a career advisor for assistance with your job search and interview preparation, including working on the STAR technique. Call 602-535-4444 to find a center near you or visit our locations page. Good luck with your job search!

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