Is Energy a Good Career Path?

The energy industry is growing not only in demand for power but also in the types of energy available to the residential sector. With that comes the demand for highly skilled workers, those who have ample training in the field.

Many of these positions are available to those without a college degree, with some on-the-job and job-specific training. At Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona, we believe in providing information and resources to those who are looking for a new path forward. Including uncovering areas where a good career path may exist. Here’s what you should know about the energy career path.

Why the Energy Sector Is a Good Career Path

There are various aspects of the energy sector that make it a solid career path for those who wish to work in a field that’s growing, changing and innovating rapidly. Energy is a necessary resource for most people. Energy is necessary in various forms from operating computers to powering the healthcare sector and even just making it possible to travel through vehicles. There are many forms of energy today, including traditional fossil fuels, but also solar, geothermal, and other forms of renewable energy.

Each one of these industries requires people who have enough skills to work in the field. While some of the higher levels of the energy sector require college educations, others do not. Rather, many offer hands-on training. All of the world needs people who have core skills in energy. The question is, which type of job may be the right path for you?

What’s Happening in the Energy Field to Make It a Desirable Place to Be?

The work industry is changing rapidly in many forms. The energy sector is perhaps one of the fastest-growing to see that change. There are many reasons for this:

Growing need for sustainable solutions

There has never been more demand for sustainable energy solutions than there is now. That is due, in part, to a wide range of resources that are making it easier than ever for people to use renewable, healthy sources of energy. With more demand for solar, wind, water, and other forms of energy, there is a growing need for people who have the skills to support this field.

Innovation is changing the way people work

Innovation is also a big reason why the energy sector is changing. There has never been a more important time than right now to be involved in the sector for those that have an interest in working in technology or creating new solutions for energy-efficient operations. At all levels of the field, technology and other forms of innovation have changed the industry, opening the door to others with this type of talent.

Traditional energy sector changes

With increasing pressure from many sources, the traditional energy sector is also seeing a lot of change. That includes hiring people who can help to improve operations and make them more environmentally friendly. The traditional energy sector itself has seen a lot of innovation and development in recent years.

Demand is international

The energy sector is not confined to just one area. In fact, most cities and communities have some level of demand for those who have these skills. It is not just a domestic job in the U.S, but also one that people can typically find work in around the world. For those who plan to move across the country, gaining skills in the energy sector here may allow for those skills to be transferable to another area.

Types of Energy Jobs to Consider

There are some career paths in the energy field that require degrees. That includes working as an aerospace engineer, petroleum engineer, or chemical engineer, among others. The following are some types of jobs in the field that do not require a four-year degree.

Wind farm site manager

A person working on a wind farm helps manage the wind turbines and other components at the location to generate power from wind movement. This type of job includes learning how to manage other people in the field. Those who have some job training and experience may be able to work in this competitive field in any area where wind farming has grown to be a viable solution.

Energy sales consultant

Those who work as an energy sales consultant often educate and support homeowners and commercial property owners who are trying to make the decision to switch to renewable forms of energy. They may meet with property owners to discuss the process of making the move or investing in a new form of energy. In addition to this, they may create estimates for the work to install new energy systems.

Renewable energy consultant

A person working as a renewable energy consultant is typically working on a contract basis. They oversee the installation of these systems. Some of these jobs are from government organizations who are overseeing the investment in solar, wind, or other forms of renewable energy. Others may work for themselves, creating their own business to manage the process of upgrading and moving towards a renewable energy system for companies or private homeowners.

Solar installation professionals

Those who gain training to do so may be able to work as a solar installation professional. They may work to provide help for those who wish to install new solar systems in their homes or property. Most work for companies that sell solar panels and solar energy systems. They may also provide a wide range of support for not only the installation process but also the maintenance, upkeep, and overall upgrading of these systems.

Field operators

Some people may work in energy by providing support for systems, such as servicing wind turbines, managing oil rigs, or handling water systems that generate energy. They may operate highly advanced and valuable equipment. They may work under others who manage them to provide these services.

How to Pursue a Career in Energy

For those who are interested in a good career path in energy, it all starts with obtaining the necessary skills to work in the field. There are some jobs that do not require a lot of skill or previous experience. These entry-level positions can open the door for new opportunities and help people learn about career options they may not know about just yet.

There are some educational programs and skill-training programs that may help people to qualify for jobs in this field. It is important to know that this field is ever-changing. Those who may have worked in it some time ago may still need some updating of their skills to qualify for positions today.

At Goodwill, we work to help individuals gain the skills they need in computer technology and other areas to enable them to meet the demand for these types of positions. For those who are looking for an opportunity to start working in this field, our team can provide some core skills to help you to do well during the application and hiring process.

Learn more about getting a job in the energy field or reach out to us to learn more about the ways Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona can help you find your best career path.

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