What You Need to Know Before Applying For A Summer Job  

Applying for a summer job is a good way to earn some extra cash. It is also a good way to build skills and get some experience in core areas that could help you advance your career. Whether you are in college and looking for something to do this summer, or you are looking to take on a job part-time while working a full-time job as well, it’s important to know what to expect. At Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona, we can help you find key positions to fit your needs.

What Is a Seasonal Job?

A seasonal or summer job is meant to last a short period of time. Seasonal jobs like this do not often lead to full-time work. They are often positions available for a few months during a company’s busy period.

Summer months tend to be a good time to find this type of job. That’s because people are more active – eating at restaurants, shopping, or enjoying various types of entertainment. There are some jobs only done during the warmer months, such as landscaping. Construction season also kicks up into high gear at this time of the year. Getting a summer job like this enables a business to fill their needs during peak seasons while also meeting your goals if you are in college or looking to earn a bit more during this time of the year.

Seasonal jobs are not just in the summer. Many of them occur during other times of the year. The holidays are a good example of this. Retailers need employees more readily when holiday sales pick up. In addition, some jobs are just winter jobs – consider jobs like snowplowing. You can take on a seasonal job at any time that works for your needs as long as the employer needs help during that time.

How Long Is a Seasonal Job?

Seasonal jobs can last for a few weeks to a few months. That depends on the amount of time you want to work as well as the amount of time that an employer needs your services and time.

Most seasonal jobs are meant to be short-term. However, they are often only available when the employer needs help. Employers may need to cut some positions short if they do not have the business to maintain the additional employees.

What Does a Seasonal Job Mean to You?

A summer job like this can offer a range of benefits to you as a college student or someone looking to work part-time to earn a bit more money (full-time jobs may also be available at this time). While seasonal jobs can be an excellent way to use some of your extra time to earn money, there are other benefits they can offer as well.

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#1: Gain Skills

Some part-time jobs may provide you with valuable skills that contribute to your overall career goals. While you may work, for example, at a rec center providing daycare services or in a landscaping business – both of which may not be your long-term career objectives – you can still benefit from these jobs. They may teach you:

  • Improved communication skills
  • Better responsibility skills
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership skills (depending on the position)
  • Customer service skills

At the end of the day, your goal is to gain skills that can help transfer into your current degree program, course of study, or long-term career goals. Sometimes, you can work as an intern or in a very basic course within a company that provides the services that you want to work in later, such as helping at a law firm or working as a health aide.

#2: Meet New People

Use a seasonal job to open the door to new relationships. This can benefit you in multiple ways. For example, it allows you to meet people who may have different perspectives than you do – which could be important later when you are working to build skills to communicate on the job. Meeting new people can also mean just finding some new friends to spend some time with during the summer months.

Another way to look at the benefit of a daytime job like this is when it leads to networking opportunities. You may meet people who can help you find a job that is more in line with your career goals once you graduate college or start looking for a full-time, permanent position. Networking is a valuable way to grow your business skills and to find jobs that may not be easily advertised.

#3: Gain Confidence

Many people note that the hardest part of getting a new job is going to the interviews and talking about themselves to others. When you apply and interview for a job, you gain experience. You learn how to speak to and interact with an interviewer. You also learn what people are looking for when hiring a professional.

All of that experience builds confidence. You are better able to communicate what you can do for a company when you are confident in yourself and your skills. Confidence is one of the most important tools to have when it comes to building a strong life and career path.

#4: Do Something Better for Yourself

Earning extra money is a good thing especially when you can use those funds to better yourself or your family. For some people, it may open the door for new opportunities such as saving for a new car or helping to cover a new wardrobe for job interviews. It may also help you to take some time off to travel with your family to create important memories.

The extra money you earn from working a seasonal job can also be a good way to build your savings. Having a bit of extra money in the bank can provide you with some outstanding support later if there is an emergency. It can also help you make better financial decisions for yourself in the future.

#5: Gain Pride

Another key benefit of taking a summer job is simply because you are going to gain pride and experience. There is nothing like being able to brag a bit about your accomplishments or, when you are interviewing for an important job, talking about how you used this summer to help advance your skills and to gain more confidence.

Sure, you could spend the summer doing nothing more than having fun while you are not in school, but what if you used it to better yourself in some way? Oftentimes, a job like this can provide you with the season of pride you need to thrive later when things get harder.

Not everyone needs a summer job. Yet, taking on a bit of work and gaining some skills while you do so can help you to become a better employee down the road. It can also open the door for new opportunities and insights. What do you plan to do this summer? Could a part-time job help you to gain a foot in the door at a company that interests you? It may be a good way to meet new people who can help you to thrive in your career down the road.

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