The Importance of Shopping at Your Community Thrift Store  

Making the decision to shop at a community thrift store isn’t just about finding a good deal on clothing or cute décor items for your home. For many people, that thrift store is doing much more for the betterment of the community as a whole than most people realize.

If you have not visited in some time, there are a few big reasons why you should make a trip to your local thrift shop. At Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona, we’re doing our part to give back and we want you to take full advantage of that.

Donating Is Going to a Good Cause

One of the best reasons to visit a community thrift store like ours is because of what we are doing to give back. When you donate goods that you no longer need or want to a charity shop like this, those items are then sold to people who could use them. The money earned from that goes into our Employment Services. These services can help the community in a wide range of ways:

  • They provide career coaching services to those who need them. For those who want a new job to support their family but are unsure how to reach that point, this program is a free way to get that support.
  • We work to support people who are trying to find jobs. That includes providing access through job postings but also working hand in hand with individuals to create job search strategies. On top of that, we work to help create connections within the community. It is an opportunity for anyone in the community to get help finding the best job for them.
  • To support that process, we provide resume help. We teach interview skills that are critical to people who need a bit more support. They also receive soft skill training to help them to have the most desirable skills employers need.

All of this is done to support the members of the community that need it. It could be you! Those who work in this program are supported every step of the way, and there is no cost to them for that help. It is about giving back and supporting those who need it.

When you donate items to Goodwill of Central and Northern AZ, you are helping to fund our no-cost career center. That’s helping those families while also helping to fill important jobs within the community.

Making Sure Usable Items Don’t End Up in the Landfill

The figures from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are staggering. Each day, every person in the U.S. contributes 4.9 pounds of trash to landfills. That accounts for everything from food and grass waste to sofas, appliances, and clothing. While much of this cannot be resold, there is a large amount of it that could. Instead of tossing items into the waste because they no longer fit your needs, donate them.

When you make the decision to visit a community thrift store instead of going to a big box retailer, you are helping to keep those items – that are usable and often in very good condition – from landing in a landfill.

Your thrift store is working to keep items out of the landfill. Many items have a lot more life in them, and that means you can purchase those items and use them at a fraction of the cost of buying something new and doing so while protecting the environment. It is certainly worth a visit to do that.

Consider clothing, for example. You can find like-new clothing at Goodwill that fits just right and is new to you. These are items that people no longer can use and donate. Why should these items land in a landfill?

Support Families On a Budget

For families that may struggle with keeping up with new clothes every season for their growing children, they can visit a local charity shop or thrift store to find items that are in great condition and at a fraction of the cost. When you donate and support your local store, you are helping those children to have the boots, coats, and other items they need while also helping to support the parents.

Donations of toys, clothing, shoes and a wide range of other items can make a big difference in the lives of these families. And, even when you visit and shop with us, you are going to have access to a wide range of options for your own family. Why spend a lot of money each winter on jeans for the kids when you know they are going to grow out of them within a few months? Instead, find them at a deep discount (and often with great name brands, too) instead.

It Saves You Money, Too

Let’s face the facts. The cost of living is going up. There is no doubt that the cost of buying food, clothing, school supplies, and just about everything else is more expensive now than it has been in a long time. That’s frustrating for those who are living on a fixed budget, especially for those young families or seniors.

When you visit a community thrift store, you can find a wide range of items you want and need at affordable prices. There are even a wide range of discounts available to those who stop in. What could that mean for you and your family?

It could mean finding the extra furniture that you’ve been wanting to fill that empty space with for months. It may mean picking up some new books and toys for the kids without having to spend a lot of money. You can get those new outfits they need, but you can also be conscious of what you’re spending.

What’s more, when you are able to donate those items back, you can feel good about doing so. You know that the simple fact that you are giving back to people who need it is the right thing to do because it helped you, too. There are many situations where clothing can last for decades and look fantastic, and be donated to families multiple times over. Imagine how many people you can touch in this way.

It Just Makes Sense to Visit a Community Thrift Store Near Me

Take a few minutes to check the hours of your local community thrift store or charity shop. As you do, look for those near you in the region. Then, plan to make the time this week to visit a few locations. When you do, you may learn that there are a lot of benefits to shopping here. You may even find that there’s a reason to give back by donating items you do not need.

Not only does shopping at these locations help the community, but it helps keep money in your wallet while also helping to support the planet. It just makes sense to do so, and it does not have to take any more time or create any frustration for you either. It may be worth making a trip today to find out what’s available to you that allows you to give back to your community in just a little way.

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